Visual Editor Font Size

VisualEditorFontSizeEver wish you could change the font size of the visual editor window?

Well, I have.  Some theme’s provide css for the visual editor which makes it easy to adjust the font size.  But then you change theme’s and all of a sudden the font is very tiny and hard to read.

Have you found yourself at the end of the day with tired eye.
Did you leave your reading glasses at home and need to write or edit a post/page.

Well, there’s a simple little plugin that lets you adjust the visual editor font size.

Once installed and activated you will find the option at the bottom of the editor.  Simply click the + or – and see the example text size change.

You don’t have to live with eye strain any longer while working with the Visual Editor.  (Granted, the text goes back to small in the text tab, but who uses that anyway 🙂

Save your eyes.  Vanity is for storing stuff in, not for ruining your vision.

Grab a copy of Visual Editor Font Size and save your eyes.

Little acknowledged fact:  Most active REALTORS (squiggly thingy here)  are over 50.