Using The Web to Market Real Estate

Classical Greek Text

You Can Read This?

The Internet has a culture and nomenclature all it’s own.   Within the web there are millions of subcultures.   This might be one of the reasons it is called “The Web”.   The process of marketing real world goods and services on the web necessitates knowing something about the culture and nomenclature.

In the course of life on this orb I’ve learned how to get around in a couple of cultures by learning the language and how to communicate in those cultures.   I once was pretty good at reading and writing ancient classical Greek. However, all the ancient classical Greeks were dead when I learned it, making this knowledge of limited value.   I have a working knowledge of Japanese, meaning I can ask where the bathroom is and how much does that piece of squid cost. Again useful knowledge with limited application in Tucson, Arizona.

Inside subcultures there are ways of knowing who is in and who is out.   For example in the sub culture of photographers we talk about “glass”.   At a meet up of photographers you might over hear “Wow, that is one sweet piece of glass”.   What is “glass”?   To the rest of the world it is a lens, specifically the lens of a camera.   Inside the culture it is glass.

Marketing on the Web

Japanese Character for Number One

Number One

Learning to speak the language really helps get around in any culture.   In the culture of the web it is things like knowing how to use “tags” and “SEO”.   The difference between a “static html” site and a “blog”. Creating a web presence and know how to be “Found on the Web” is another part of the web knowledge base.   On the Web (specifically searching on the web) there is one 5000 pound gorilla that goes by the name of Google.   When there is a 5000 pound gorilla in the room you quickly learn he gets to make the rules.   If in the process of marketing on the web you break one of the gorilla’s rules it can become very hard for your marketing to be seen or found by anyone.   Ignoring those rules can have similar results.   If not searching there are other subcultures of Social networking like Twitter.   Facebook and Linked in are two other terms associated with social networking on the web.

Throw Money at the Problem

It is an educational process learning the language and how to navigate in this culture and the many subcultures of the Web.   If you don’t know how to do this, the usual approach is Throw Money at the problem.   Throwing money can work, but, it is like shooting a shotgun into a flock of birds.   Most of the time you hit nothing but air and scare the birds.   This is also referred to as “Flock Shooting”.

Even throwing money at the problem requires some basic knowledge.   This has been an issue for car owners for years.   No basic knowledge can lead to the purchase of a new battery, starter, solenoid and fuses when the issue was a dirty battery post or loose cable connection.   Without basic knowledge you end up throwing money at the problem.

Page One of Google

Where on page one.   In the organics? or in the sponsored or pay per click links?

Here is a free piece of web culture knowledge.   If anyone calls you and says “I can get you on page one of Google”.   Hang up, fast. They might be able to get you there, but at what price?   I can get to page one of Google anytime I want.   Give me twenty minutes and I’ll be on page one of Google.   Getting there isn’t the issue.   Getting there, for the search term “keywords” you want to be on page one for, is one of the issues.   Staying on page one for for those keywords is the second part of the equation.

If you buy into paying to get on page one of Google then you will be paying forever to stay on page one, assuming you can actually get there.   If you are told you will be there for the organic search results you really can’t hang up quick enough.

My Grandfather Was A Wise Man

Most Lures Catch Fishermen Not Fish

Most Lures Catch Fishermen Not Fish

My grandfather had a great sense of humor.   He was a carpenter and a fisherman.   He lived before the time of fisher persons.   One of our favorite pass times, besides fishing was going to the tackle shop and looking at tackle and fishing lures.   He always knew what he wanted.   I always knew what looked good to me.   Pretty, shiny, colorful, all of those things came together to make a great fishing lure.   He would shake his head and pick a lure he had bought before and lost, it wouldn’t look like it would catch anything but a weed.   One day as we were leaving the bait shop he said something I will never forget.   “David, most fishing lures are made to catch fishermen, not fish“.

You have to know where to spend your money.   Without educating yourself you never know if it is being spent wisely.


  1. “David, most fishing lures are made to catch fishermen, not fish“

    That is so true, never thought of it that way!

    Like everyone else, I receive those annoying phone calls on how they can get me on the first page of Google, blah blah blah…It gets so irritating!

    Tony Sena ´s last blog post..Looking for a Career in Las Vegas Real Estate?

  2. You are all over the place Dave (didn’t I just say that a few days ago)! I just posted a blog at REW, then visited one of my friends over there, Ryan Ward, then found you on his blog roll. Nice Dave.

    Your blog entry caught my eye as I just posted a listing (search: ‘west kennewick home for sale’) just 30 minutes ago over at REW and it is #1 right now. I guess the folks that can guarantee page 1 placement are marketing to folks who do not know were to market!

    Colleen Lane ´s last blog post..MSNBC, 2009 Tri-Cities Real Estate Prediction

  3. dear dave,

    i’ve always found something new through your articles that made me always interisting with your post, now i’m going subscribe to your feed as a reader and wanted some knowledge that you’ve been share here with your articles

    can’t wait to see your new updates comes 😉

    btw, may i post your articles if i found something interisting with your articles? Off course with your permission first and then i’ll give you a trackback and credit which articles that i’ve been translate into indonesian language.

    almost forgot :mrgreen: i’m from indonesia dave, and i’m glad found something useful with your idea here also thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

    best wishes


    gdenarayana ´s last blog post..Fitur Terbaru WordPress 2.8

  4. @gdenarayana – Any information you find useful here at the lab you have my permission to translate into Indonesian.

    Have a Great Week


  5. My web guy has me on a consistent diet of blogging and information seeking. At the start it took a while to get used to, but now I wonder why I wasn’t doing this before!

    Sharon Hollas – Real Estate Agent Langley

  6. Dave, anyone ever told you that you write some great stuff?

    I am in the beginning stages of building a website for real estate in my area. The web company I used is one of the best in the business. While they are one of the best, they did drop the ball for a while and took some time to get my site up and running.

    During the time I patiently waited, and constantly read about seo and, what it takes to make it to the top of Google. From all I read paying to get to the top was short thinking. Because I’m a long term thinker I have done my best to build great organic links and become the authority in my area. My climb has ben slow and painful. I’m ready to be at the top but I get it. I mean I get that anything worth doing takes time and work.

    To all those reading Dave’s blog, “patience is a virtue” is more than a saying, it’s a way of life. Think short term and you will always work harder to be less successful. Set goals, do your research, work hard, and the results will be positive and long term.

    If you here reading Dave’s blog, you’re off to a very good start on doing great seo!!!

  7. I always love reading your blogs – thank you! As for the Google callers, I’m going to start taking your advice ” hang up fast!” I usually try to be nice (“no…no, thanks…I am good”) but they are too persistent!

  8. Dave, so many people are willing to throw money at the problem, but few are willing to devote the time required. I’ve learned that marketing on the web can be time consuming; however, the rewards are worth the effort.

  9. Nice post Dave! I have been marketing online for several years now, I started out learning on my own, got recognized for a few projects which led me into some professional seo consulting and eventually a personal assistant type gig with a big time webmaster from overseas, now days I have settled down a bit to focus on my real estate license and training site, which has really been so beneficial for me.

    I started offering training and seminars for the agents in my area which is how I wound up in the real estate arena to begin with, but one thing I really love about building real estate websites is that they are always a challenge.

    I could knock out number one Google placements for virtually every niche imaginable without a problem, but the real estate niche is so competitive, that it always offers a new challenge, I still get my search rankings, it just takes me longer. 🙂

    Through all of my experience in doing this online marketing, I continue to learn new things each and everyday. There is never a moment that goes by when I think that I finally have this all figured out, nobody can figure this out unless they have the formulas in hand and we all know that is something that just isn’t going to happen.

    I think that for the majority of people SEO and web marketing is actually quite easy, its avoiding those constantly evolving “fishing lures” that tends to pose a problem. Fortunately, there are articles like this one that will steer some (not all) in the right direction, a hurdle is alright as long as you make it over the top.

    Thanks for the post!

    Patric H. ´s last blog post..Minnesota Real Estate License

  10. @Patric H. – Well Said, Amen.

  11. @Todd Covington – It has been a busy couple of days around the lab and town.

    Todd, thanks for your kind words. It helps keep the fire to write stoked.


  12. Dave,

    Great call on the fishing lure thing. I was easily distracted by shiny objects as well when I first started learning about the web.

    Mark Madsen ´s last blog post..Washington 2009 FHA Loan Limits- Island County

  13. Great post. Thanks .
    You are right “You have to know where to spend your money” , all depends on your knowledge.
    Greetings from Spain!

  14. LOL..I signed up for an SEO convention where they must have sold/given my info out. I had 30 companies call me to tell me they could get me to the top of google for an investment. Anyway I do my own SEO and I learn thru your blog and others that I enjoy. I’m still a newbie but in 4 months I am on Page 3 for a very competetive real estate area of New Jersey.

    Scott ´s last blog post..Search Hudson County MLS

  15. Yes sometimes the lure of SEO is really annoying. Sometimes we are doing real well, and someone comes knocking, offering some enticing services we don’t really need. I admit, sometimes we just succumb to the lure, but I am learning everyday to resist the idea of “making more money” at the risk of losing what you already have.

  16. Online real estate marketing has got a great start off and new techniques like video blogging is now getting huge traffic. It is better way to market as we can see what is being marketed online.

  17. Hi, Dave
    See you again. I’ve been busy maintaining my website lately. Now I return to your blog and find this unique article. You frequently describe and compare internet as if human being. You fill your writing style with culture approach and deep human philosophy. Sometimes it’s hard to understand. Here in I just want to confirm the essence of the topic. Does it mean we have to utilize ourselves with enough knowledge of internet and SEO and not merely count on someone else in order to acquire high page rank in search engine result page ? Or can you give me more real sample ?
    Thank you in advance for the response.

  18. @Budi Waluyo – Many of us get calls all the time from SEO experts claiming they can get us on Page One of Google. FOR A PRICE. That price is an ongoing monthly fee. Once you pay them to get there the unwritten part of it is “If you stop paying us you will disappear” Because they will no longer support or create artificial links to your site.

    It is better to write good quality content and give it time to grow. Trying to take the internet in a day, a week, a month will not provide lasting results.

    I know this is frustrating for many, but creating quality content is, and will be, the answer to SEO.

    Of course the content should be set within a platform of good SEO practices which we outline here at the Lab all the time. But there are no quick fixes or magic bullets to getting to the top of the SERPs.

  19. Thank you very much for the advice. It’s very useful and encourage us not to stop learning, working and fighting.