Urinal Marketing

urinal marketing

Now this is what I call a man dedicated to marketing.   Notice his card is for “Affordable Health Package”.   So if you feel like things aren’t coming out as you had hoped at the moment, you have before you an opportunity to upgrade your health care to something more affordable.

I would recommend you wait to make the call till once you’ve left the room and   you thought you hated those magnetic signs on the sides of   agent cars.    

I have heard of gorrilla marketing.   This is my first encounter with urinal marketing.  

I’m a bit surprised I didn’t find an agent card with a couple of listings  and photos on the back.   Maybe next time.

Oh, I hope I didn’t give anyone an idea.   Ladies, you will have to come up with one of your own.   Maybe, a foldover card placed on the tank next to the handle or velcro above the paper dispensor.


  1. Oh yeah, the urinal is the new hot spot. Captive audience and all that. Here’s a urinal ad you may might interesting.

  2. I can certainly see why white horse beer would be advertizing in a urinal. I wonder if guys with prostate trouble get a longer ad?

    Now I’m wondering just what kind of ad a realtor would put in the urinal and where, not at the office.

    “Is your wallet leaking money? let me list your home and I’ll flowmax your wallet with cash.”

  3. How about a urinal ad that says “Are you going back to her place because you don’t own your own home and still live with your parents?”

  4. Danilo,

    That’s a good one, anybody else have a snappy, or soggy, urinal marketing idea?

  5. 1. While you’re peeing, I can be selling your home.
    2. Want relief? Let me sell your home.
    3. By the time it takes you to pee, I could get your home on the internet.
    4. You won’t find your new home looking here. I’ll show you where to look.
    5. Wouldn’t you rather be going in your own home?

  6. I love it, my favorite is “Wouldn’t you rather be going in your own home?”

    I wonder how many homes have urinals?

  7. There is an obvious limitation to urinal marketing. You don’t get too many women viewing your ads.

    Now here is a product that you could use in your marketing to appeal to both sexes.


  8. Urine luck.

    Hey, maybe I should watch my Ps and Qs.

    My own real estate motto is “Don’t sell a home without a John”.

  9. I see a lot of urnial marketing popping up all over the place. Can’t we just leave people a lone? The one place you thought you wouldn’t see any advertising is now flooded with marketing. What is this world coming too?

    I haven’t seen a home with a urinal in it yet!

  10. I tried urinal marketing during the boom years and got zero responses. Probably because it was at a sports bar and drunks don’t bring a pad and pen into the bathroom? It’s definatly a “niche market”…

    Scott ´s last blog post..Explanation of Sub-Prime Crash

  11. Scott,

    Do you think Urinal Marketing would be a “Dribble Campaign” ?

  12. This doesn’t even seem sanitary. You would have to wonder what type of person might call you from this and would you want to shake their hand? LOL