Twitter Goodies Widgets

Twitter Goodies Widgets

Harvest Sunset (Just wanted to share)

Harvest Sunset (Just wanted to share)

I’ve tested a lot of Twitter widgets here at the Lab. This is the latest. I like it quite a bit. For one thing it incorporates Twitter Lists. It also lets me totally customize the colors, look and feel of these widgets.

Twitter Goodies Widgets is Plural because you can have more than one of them active at the same time.

You can create multiple themes. Create 10 different themes, name them so you know which is which. Add a new widget to the sidebar and pick your theme and what kind of twitter widget it will be, List, Search, Fav, Profile.

Put your Twitter id in and it auto populates your lists.

It is quick to setup and I like the way it integrates with the Magazeen theme here at the Lab.   This theme is hard on Widgets.   Most don’t appear right because of all the graphics involved in the sidebar widgets.   But these widgets jump right in with no special code necessary.


  1. Those widgets look pretty cool!
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  2. I really like the customization that this plugin offers. Using multiple themes across one or more widgets is handy for those that manage more than one site about the same topic. How seamless is the plugin in switching between the different widget types?

  3. I don’t seem to get a lot of response off of my twitter account do you have other post- That shows how to get more out of it

  4. Barry,

    A lot depends on how you use Twitter and how you integrate it into your online presence.

    I went to your site and don’t see your twitter id or information on how to follow you on twitter.

    A Twitter strategy is beyond the scope of the REBlogLab. There is plenty of good information about how to use it in RE. Find a REBarCamp near you and attend. There is almost always a good session on Twitter.

  5. Any idea why when photo is updated on twitter that the old photo still appears on the widget settings on blog?
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  6. Chris,

    Most third party applications cache the images and update them every 24 to 36 hours. They don’t pull the image directly from twitter. This saves on bandwidth. This is true for Tweetdeck and for most twitter feeds going to a blog. If it is longer than a couple days try refreshing your browser, the images might be cached locally as well.



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