Twitoaster Running a Tweetmuck

I installed Twitoaster a few days ago.   Since I’m more a Social Media toe dipper I don’t expect to get many RT or mentions of blog posts on twitter to be integrated into comments.

This afternoon some very strange comments started showing up here a the Lab.   They were tweets from as far back as January that have nothing to do with the post to which they were assigned as comments by Twitoaster.   I deleted the first couple but then a few minutes ago three more came pouring in as comments posted on various posts.

These tweets have nothing to do with the post itself.   For example this Tweet from T:

New comment on your post #332 “Backup and Restore your MYSQL Database on GoDaddy
Author : TBoard ,
E-mail :
URL    :
@daveintucson so how were the fish tacos?

Now I remember T sending that tweet about fish tacos back in January when I went to Rubios for fish tacos.   But her tweet had nothing to do with the post “Backup and Restore your MYSQL Database on GoDaddy”   Yet that is where twitoaster put it.

I’ve changed the settings on twitoaster to all comments go to moderation to see if they can get their system back under control.   Until then I’m glad I have email of all comments coming to me which makes it easy to delete these interesting tweets which have nothing to do with the post they were assigned to.

On a final note, Fish tacos while backing up your MYSQL database can make the task more enjoyable.


  1. So how were those fish tacos?
    .-= Kristal Kraft´s last blog ..Colorado Weather Results in Beauty =-.

  2. Yes, the fish tacos at Rubio’s are always good.

    Thanks for asking.
    .-= Dave Smith´s last blog ..Twitoaster Running a Tweetmuck =-.