TwentyTen Files ALL replaced with WP 3.0.5 update

WordPress pulled a fast one on most of us this morning.   We got into our admin expecting to see an upgrade notice of WP 3.1.   Instead we were greeted with another incremental update 3.0.5.   I read the post on the admin panel about what was involved.   Seemed to be a few security updates again dealing with authors and users gaining access to areas they shouldn’t.

Nothing was stated about the TwentyTen theme.

TwentyTen Theme Files ALL Replaced

Well, I pulled the trigger on the update and was greeted with a surprise.   The particular blog I used for this crash test dummy was one I had been playing with and not put all the modified files in the child theme directory.   KAPOW.   (I had made some changes to the functions.php file)

So this is a friendly little warning from the Lab to Lab Rats.   If you have made any changes to the TwentyTen files and that is your current theme.   Backup the theme files before you do this simple little incremental upgrade.


  1. I saw the 3.0.5 update in my WP dashboard today…will wait a few days before taking the plunge. While the changes should be small, I’m going to err on the side of caution.