Twenty Ten Title and Description

How to Remove the Title and Keep the H1 Tag in Twenty Ten

The H1 tag is the most important tag on site.   It is where your primary Keywords belong.   WordPress General Tab is where you set the Site Title and Description.   Most theme designers work these into the header of a site.

Twenty Ten is no exception.   We find the css for these   under:

site-title {

There are style codes in here



site-description {

There are style codes in here


However, some don’t like seeing those on screen and simply delete the site title and description from the Genral settings tab.

Very nice, clean look.   BUT and this is a big BUT.

They don’t realize the H1 tag for the site is now EMPTY.   There isn’t one.   This is a big SEO NO NO.

With Twenty Ten there is an easy way to get your seo and not show it.

add this line of styling in each of the two areas mentioned above.

margin-left: -9999px;

This will move the title and description off screen while the H1 tag will remain in place for the bots.


  1. Max Marbles says

    That’s fine but where exactly is that added?

  2. Max,

    You add that line in the two places mentioned above in the style.php file.

    1. site-title
    2. side-description