Twenty Ten Navigation Right

As armchair designers we sometimes want to personalize our theme to fit our taste.

One of the simple changes that provides a different look is to have the Top Navigation float right instead of left.

This requires a simple addition to the style .css file.

#access .menu-header ul, ul {

list-style:none outside none;

The only two lines added here are in bold.

The padding-right is to provide some space at the right edge of the menu. If you have the menu background set to no color then you probably won’t need the padding right.


  1. I use the Thesis theme but the css thing for soem reason I’ve had problems.

  2. Jb,

    Regular readers here know how I detest Thesis as a theme. For that very reason. Thesis isn’t really a theme, it is a subset of files layered over WP. It takes five times longer to do anything with Thesis than a “Normal” WP Theme. And the only ones saying Thesis is great for SEO is Thesis. And there are a few SEO Issues I take with Thesis, for instance the way it handles the H1 tag.

    If you have Thesis, you can pretty much forget anything in CSS or Formatting or about anything else in the WP world. You have to swallow the pill and go to Thesis speak land.


  3. Dave,
    Came across your blog. Nice tips on css customization. Definitely bookmarking and will be coming back. All the best!

    P.S. Thanks for the prospective on Thesis. At one point I really considered buying one. 🙂

  4. I try to keep it as simple as possible with WP, and one of my coworkers also notoriously hates the Thesis theme! Didn’t realize this was a ‘thing’.