Twenty Ten 1.0 And All-In-One SEO Post Title Issue

I noticed something strange when I installed the All-In-One SEO Pack on my new Twenty Ten installs. There was an issue with the post title being displayed.

It would put the post title and the blog title together then repeat the blog title. Causing the last word of the post title to be right up against the first blog title.

Upgrades6105 N Samantha Grove | 6105 N Samantha Grove

It should read:

Upgrades | 6105 N Samantha Grove

I thought the issue was with All-In-One-SEO.   It turns out it is with Twenty Ten.

Twenty Ten 1.0 solutions

If you are using Twenty Ten 1.0 and All-In-One-SEO Pack go into the settings for All-In-One and uncheck “Rewrite Titles”

Twenty Ten 1.1 header rewrite

There is no issue with 1.1.   The theme header file was rewritten to comply with a standard used by most WP Themes.

From Nacin on the upgrade:

The only real change is that I removed the half-baked code using the wp_title hook in order to customize the page title, and instead the code was moved back into header.php and simplified a little.

I can call it half-baked because I was the one who wrote it. It interfered with some plugins and so we yanked it.

It seems All-In-One is “some plugins” in this case, and probably others that rewrite post titles.

This is your heads up Lab Rats.   If you don’t want your Title Tags looking screwed up and messing with your SEO then upgrade Twenty Ten to 1.1 or uncheck “Rewrite Titles” on the All-in-One options page.


  1. Great article! I have a personal blog that is running 3.0 with Twenty Ten and I was having a hard time figuring this one out. Thanks for providing the solution! 🙂