TweetGrid Helping Your Social 2.0 Clients Prepare for The Move

Tweet Grid for Social 2.0 clients and selling social real estate

Tweet Grid for Social 2.0 clients and selling social real estate

You are already using social media, right.   (A pen and paper with a stamp called a letter is social media)   We are being shown in conference and meeting all over the country how to “market” ourselves on line using social media.   I won’t list the usual list (you already know it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and if you are really new someone might talk you into getting on MySpace, don’t fall for it).

But, are you utilizing Social Media to help prepare your clients for the move to your city or local.   Granted if you are selling real estate in Idaho or Montana specializing in 100,000 acre spreads you can skip this post.   If you are selling in a rural location with fewer than 3,000 people in the county ditto.

But if you have an active twitter community and tweetups (#evfn is enough to make a guy want to live in Phoenix, well almost) going on in your community a couple of good tools to share with your social 2.0 clients are TwitterLocal and TweetGrid.


Twitterlocal is an adobe air desktop application.   You download the app and tell it what location you want to follow and how far from it you want to extend the mile perimeter.   I chose Tucson and 10 miles.   Now everyone who has a twitter account that falls within that distance will have their tweets come up in the TwitterLocal app.   I find a few people to follow with Twitter local, but I find it tedious to have to switch to that application which always gets buried somewhere in the 20 folders and three browsers with multiple tabs open on each.


Tweetgrid on the other hand.   I love.   I open the site on a tab of it’s own.   You have a lot of grid options (when you try it you will see what I mean)   I chose a 2 up grid as in the screen shot above.   I put the search term Tucson in the one and Oro Valley in the other.   Every time Tucson is in a tweet it is automatically updated and my window is refreshed.   I can read the tweet, reply to it, do about everything I want to with the information available.

All the events, concerts, meeting, flights in and out of Tucson are here, all the places the radar vans will be appear, there is a wealth of social media appearing on my screen.   I’ve made a dozen new contact in the last three days, all from tweets that appeared on Tweetgrid.

I’ve found a lot of new people using Twitter that I didn’t even know lived here.   And the interesting thing, Many of those tweets aren’t showing up in TwitterLocal.   Meaning, they live in Tucson and tweet about Tucson but might not have put Tucson as their location.   I’m finding quite a few use “Arizona” as their location. (No being from Tucson isn’t that embarrassing   especially if you are   a transplant)

As a Social Tool for you Clients

Using these two tools will let clients who are moving to your community get a jump on meeting people and finding places to shop, restaurants to try and local events going on around the community.   They can find out a lot about local culture.   These are great tools you can introduce to your social 2.0 clients. And it won’t hurt your reputation for being an Agent in the Know about social real estate.

Something for yourself

Tweetgrid has a nice sidebar widget you can put your search term in and display tweets about your local real estate market.   But, be aware these tweets are not sanitized.


  1. I guess the Anti-spam word is a new plugin Dave? Nice! I’ll be calling ya tomorrow as you be the man! I really enjoyed meeting you this past week and rubbing shoulders with you. Just today I was out with Colleen taking pictures thinking about ya and how my pictures suck! 🙂

    On a more relevant on post comment, Colleen uses TweetGrid and is really happy with it. I’m not a big Twitter fan but Colleen manages to maintain her Twitter account quite effectively.

  2. Joe,

    I’ve had the anti-spam word on since the beginning, but if you used a different login name (Joe instead of Colleen) It will pop up for a few comments.

    Would love to see your some of your images. Joe it was truly my pleasure to finally meet you and Colleen.

    I’m learning to adapt to Twitter, Tweetgrid has helped me find more local people in Tucson.

    Hope you are both getting some rest and caught up. I’ve got one more day to get there. Focused on the Re-Imaging Lab at the moment, trying to get it done before REBARCAMP Denver on May 22.

    Don’t be a stranger to the Lab, lots of goodies here.


  3. Dave, I love the ideas. I took a look and actually liked the TwitterLocal better. The TwitterGrid just seems like too much information for my taste. You think there’s any solution to fix the getting buried problem in the future? I think the local version is something that would catch people attention and they would actually use.

  4. I promise not to be a stranger! I need to be consistent on what info we use when commenting, as I know we’ve commented here at realestatebloglab several times before. Not the first time I’ve used various email addresses, usernames, etc., and end up with several “1 comments” next to my name at the same blog!

    Btw, I left ya a message via your contact form Dave. 😉

  5. Todd,

    I don’t know what “Buried problem in the future” means. Also since I write this I have found out why TwitterLocal wasn’t returning very many from Tucson.

    Maybe it is an “Out West” thing but more than half the people I’ve found using tweetgrid are in Tucson but their twitter location is: Arizona which means they never show up in twitterlocal.

  6. Gotcha. We certainly want something that actually works.

    I’m also very interested in the “Twitter for relevant content” post. I’ll probably try that idea soon. As always, I’m looking for content for my site. Writing all this stuff myself is certainly a job. I don’t know how you do it.

    PS I’m sure you’ve been told this before but, the stuff you write in this blog is the best on the web. I mean by a LONG shot too. I don’t have to implement it all but I swear, I’ve learned more by reading your blogs than just about any where else on the web. It’s great stuff!!!

  7. Tim - says

    You have an excellent blog here! Very well written, clean design with plenty of helpful information to keep my busy for some time. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to this field!

    Tim – ´s last blog post..The Truth About These 7 Real Estate Investing Myths

  8. Hi Dave I hope you are well. Was wondering around the net and somehow ended up here:) I use Twitter but am not an addict like many are. I see other places where I find a better use of my time to build my business.


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