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The Fly on the Wall

The Fly on the Wall

Maybe Not So Annoying Read the Comments

I put Tweetboard alpha on the Tucson Real Estate site as a lab experiment. It would do no good to put it here. Bunch of Geeks and Twitter Tweeps hang out here.

I wanted to put it some where it would produce a valid response negative or positive.

I just got that first response a few minutes ago.

“Dave, I always appreciate the info on your blog, but this Tweeter thingie on the side is REALLY annoying! One can’t read the text…”

It is annoying in the sense of a fly in the room when you’re trying to do something else. It might not even be moving, just sitting on the desk while you are reading the screen but you know it is there and you keep looking at it. That’s the same kind of emotion Tweetboard seems to invoke in some. (Me included).

But this user I’m quoting above seems to be viewing in a very low resolution meaning the fly isn’t simply on the wall it is covering up the blog content itself.

It seems more a gimmick than anything useful especially for a RE Blog. Maybe your personal blog where you are talking with your friends about the party last night or the Arrowsmith concert you are going to later in the month, but why would you want it on your real estate blog?

It might also be tied to your approach to RE Blogging. But that is beyond the scope of this post.

Anybody out there using Tweetboard? What kind of response if any are you getting from your readers?


  1. It’s a valid point Dave, in fact, its has been raised a couple times already:

    We are currently working on a function that will allow users to “minimize” the tab to a less intrusive (small) graphic on the bottom corner. The good thing is that once you minimize it for one site, it will be minimized for any other Tweetboard-enabled site you visit.

    Thanks for the post and I’m looking forward to your feedback once the updated functionality is rolled out.

  2. Juan,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope it is soon, I’m about to pull the plug on it on the test site. Can you comment on why anyone would want this on their blog?


  3. Follow up,

    I’ve removed Tweetboard from the Tucson blog and moved it here to the Lab. It was just too annoying for the readers there. I don’t want annoyed readers on a blog I’m trying to attract them to.

    So what does that say that I’ve got it on the Lab now?

  4. I’ve updated your base URL to point to so that your backlinks land in the updated location + properly open your TB. Eventually you’ll be able to do this yourself via a control panel.

    We are aiming at Monday for the launch of alpha 2 which will include the updated “minimize” functionality.

    >>Can you comment on why anyone would want this on their blog?

    It really depends on a few things. Firstly, the existing volume of visitors your site has *previous* to installing TB. The more visitors you have, the more likely they are to engage via your TB and consequently bring in more traffic (each tweet broadcasts your site to their friends).

    Another important point is the amount of tweeting the host does via his TB, and his number of followers. You have quite a few followers so I would expect that if you start tweeting from your TB, some of those followers will land on your site and end up interacting via your (threaded) forum. The threaded reformatting makes conversations more meaningful.

    When that cycle perpetuates (users post via your TB, visitors come, and engage), your site should see increased amounts of traffic.

    That’s is the basic idea: introduce your website audience to your Twitter activity, engage your visitors while *keeping* them on your site. Create awareness of your web property while bringing in more visitors, and creating more meaningful conversations.

  5. Juan,

    Thanks for the lengthy reply.

    Another question.

    I have several sites for different audiences. The Lab here is for RE Bloggers. My ReImaging Lab is for Photography & HDR Processing. The Tucson Blog is specifically geared to Tucson Real Estate, interacting with Buyers and Sellers.

    Is there a way to tailor TB to each of these audiences, or is it pick one?

    Thanks again for your quick responses and input.


  6. I am not using tweetboard as of yet but I have been experimanting with TwitterLocal and talk about a difficult process…LOL. There is so much junk to sipher through in order to find some reallty worth following or trying to connect with. I will keep working with it and maybe I can find a better way.

    Ryan Jones ยดs last blog post..Sacramento Property Management: Elk Grove Corridor Market Update

  7. Ryan,

    A lot depends on the quality and subject matter of your local tweets. Tucson has grown so much in the past 6 months it is amazing. So much local information is available. I’m constantly finding events, discounts, meetups and tweetups from twitter. There are also those that think profanity has to be a part of every 140 character tweet they send. Those are the twitter stream polluters which are unfortunate.

  8. Sorry–not a fan. It’s a bit distracting and I just don’t like tabs.

    Brandon Green ยดs last blog post..COZY CHIC CONDO IN CELEBRATED CLEVELAND PARK!

  9. Maybe if it wasn’t dead center. Small as it is, it seems to take over the page.

  10. It’s gone, I couldn’t take it anymore myself. Whew, what a relief. I understand the idea behind it.

    If your blog is for socializing using social media to enhance that experience maybe room full of flies doesn’t bother you.

    But if your blog is there to convey and communicate a message about you, your business and your community. Rid your blog of the distractions.

  11. Ahh, that’s too bad. But I totally understand that feeling you describe. I’ve thought of alternative ways to target this issue, so that TB caters to the universe of sites. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the solution after v.2.

    I’m setting up a blog on our site atm, it should be up concurrently (or previous) to the release of Alpha 2. Please stop by and share your feedback once it’s up.

    Best regards

  12. I have just begun using Twitter and have not yet installed the Tweetdeck. From all the comments I have read on various blogs Im not sure I want it in my business. Twitter seems very invasive or maybe its just a more personal thing for friends. It seems that the RE community is working to take over Facebook, I guess it follows that Twitter will be next. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Gail,

    Twitter is one of those tools that can be used for personal use or business. It requires a strategy to use it for both. I use Tweetdeck would recommend you use it for managing your Twitter account.

    I don’t use Twitter as effectively as I should. It can be used very effectively to communicate. I have a Twitter Hashtag widget on the Lab to capture tweets about REBlogWorld coming up in October. There are many good ways to use Twitter to expand the influence of your business.

    As to the RE Community and Facebook, yes it is all the rage. But many in the RE Community were on Twitter long before Facebook pages were an option. As in all thing RE related, these are tools, they can be used or abused. Too many in RE abuse them.


  14. If tweetboard actually worked!

    Only works for a few people. Most people cannot post – script errors ๐Ÿ™

  15. Hey guys, stopping by to let you all know that Tweetboard Alpha 2 has been released, and that it features a new, less prominent tab. You can find more info here: