TSL Iframe Unfilter

We who blog in RE often find our IDX solution is an “Iframe” solution.   But there is one really annoying downside to Iframes and WordPress.   The visual editor will strip out Iframe code if you switch to the the visual tab.   So we put the Iframe in on the HTML code and save it.

But if we ever need to edit that page again, and we come to that page from the previous edit being on the visual tab the editor will open the page in the visual mode.   If we save it, it will erase the iframe code.   Not nice.

This little plugin keeps the visual editor from filtering out the iframe code.   Maybe someday this will be built into the WP editor, but for new the easiest way to keep those frames in place is with this little plugin.

Iframes are not SEO friendly

Now I don’t want you to think because I’m reviewing this plugin that it is time to go hog wild with iframes.   I really hate them.   They do nothing for your site from an SEO standpoint.   Once the bots hit the iframe, they can’t see anything going on inside that frame.   (That’s why it is called a frame).

I’ve seen some sites built on Iframes on every page pulling in content from other sites.   And wondering why the site “with all that content” isn’t ranking in the search engines.   Hum.

But sometimes, as mentioned in the case of IDX search pages, the only way to get the content displayed it with an iframe.   If it is part of a page or post and not the entire page or post it can add to the contextual discussion and not hurt your SEO.

To add this plugin go to Add New on on the Plugins tab and search for TSL iframe.   It should pop right up.


  1. I’ve had great success with Iframe Embedder and many IDX providers. The plugin lets you embed an iframe in a post by typing [iframe http://server/page.htm 100% 200px] You can use % or px as units for width and height. If you omit unit- it will default to px. You cannot omit width and height values.

    Thanks for the heads up on this plugin. I was not familiar with it. Let me know if you try Iframe Embedder.

  2. Kathy,

    I usually use embed iframe for client sites. It sounds very similar to Iframe embedder. I’ll take it for a spin. Personally I usually just enter the html, but sometimes I get lazy 🙂


  3. Are iFrames ever ok to use for SEO? Just wondering as a friend of mine has a flash site, and he’s wondered about putting the content into a frame.

  4. Steve,

    If he has a flash site, he has no SEO now. Flash looks pretty, but the content can’t be indexed. So putting a flash site inside an iframe on another site is like a man with one arm trying to saw off the other arm.

    The best thing he could do is migrate the content on the flash site into a WordPress site. His rankings and SEO will shoot through the roof compared to what he has now.


  5. I tried to use an iframe with my IDX provider. It did work, but I was not completely happy with how it came out. What is the advantage of using an iframe vice using the link offered by the IDX, and then just having the target be to a blank page?


  6. Thanks for that great info, I have been struggling with the whole I-frames issue for a while now and did not know that a work around existed! thanks again!

  7. Keith,

    The benefit is the iframe actually keep the visitor on site. At least as far as bounce rate is concerned. They came to your site and didn’t leave right away to do their search. There is no SEO advantage in an iframe for keywords, relevant content etc. But they do keep the bounce rate down.


  8. Dave

    I don’t think the iframes are such a bad thing after all. Most of google gadgets and facebook applications are usually based on iframes. Even if they used to be bad, I think they are now making a come back of sorts.


  9. Matt,

    Iframes will be around for a long time, but they will always be a bad thing. Scripts are much better, but iframes are easier to code. And the more iframes you have on a page the slower your site will load and the less actual content is really on your site.

    They used to be a bad thing, and they always will be.


  10. Thanks, I was having all sorts of issues trying to embed an iframe and always wondered why the editor would change my code, even with using HTML had the risk of another editor returning to the page and break it

    It comes down to user experience, do you want the user to see the content on you’re page or be redirected somewhere else

    You’re right, scripts or other integrations are a cleaner way to go, as it is actual content on your site but can sometimes be trickier to install,

    Iframes are a great (quick and dirty) solution even though the content it contains doesn’t get indexed, (I would rather not have the contents of an iframe indexed than the user leaving my page)

  11. I agree Dave…not a fan of IFrames. I am using them on my main site for a few community related links and am not thrilled that I get absolutely nothing SEO related for my efforts. Of course I am providing information to the consumer, which is a good thing, but getting a little “juice” back wouldn’t hurt either.