Tool Tips to tip-off Your Visitors

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Tool Tips are the right tool

Real Estate is no exception when it comes to having it’s own nomenclature.  We live inside the world of FSBO, REO, BINSR, SPDS, Active Capa, CMA, etc. and use these terms  on a daily basis.

Even something as simple as “Home Finder”  what does that mean?  It depends on how each of us is using that term.  For some it means: “We will set you up in the MLS to email you homes matching your criteria”  to others it means “Here is where you can search the MLS to find homes”

Tool tips provide valuable information to your visitors

We can add definitions on pages above the forms we want visitors fill out, but we know many don’t read, the just start at the “Name” field and go from there.

But, they have to get to that page first.  Meaning, they have to click on the tab, button, etc. before they can fill in the form.

This is where tool tips come in most handy.  Take the time to add the title attribute to your links to provide information on what this button, tab, etc means and where it will take them.

WordPress makes it easy.  When you add a link, fill in the title field.  If you are adding the link manually, then add the title attribute on the html tab.  (No you don’t have to be a code geek to do this)

I know you think it looks like Greek to you on the HTML tab.  Well it’s time to learn a little Greek.

Start hovering over the line below to see tool tips that tell you what each part of the link code does.

<a title="This is a tool-tip" href=""> The Real Estate Blog Lab </a>

Tool tips can help your bounce rate

It takes a few seconds to add the title=”What you want them to read when they hover over the button”.

This simple attribute can help tip-off your visitors before the click. It could also help your bounce rate because they won’t be so fast to click the back button realizing once they are on the page “This isn’t what I was looking for”


  1. Thanks for the great tip! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to link to this post from my blogs – I think it would be helpful to my visitors.
    And I do so agree with you, because I’m one of those “in a hurry readers” who often doesn’t stop to really look where I’m going. (A good thing I don’t drive that way!)

  2. Great tips. I didn’t even know that this tool existed. I’ll have to start trying it out on my site.