Tobey’s New Image

Jonathan Dalton asked where I was with Tobey’s bordered image.   Sorry Jonathan, I’ve been in a two day investment seminar here in Tucson.   And here in Tucson when someone asks where’s the border it isn’t usually a picture they are talking about.

Tobey's ImageHere is your new bordered image for my buddy Tobey.   Tobey, just have Jonathan right click and save.

It has been a long two days and I hope to get caught up on some of my blog reading and creating a few posts myself.  

I know I’ve come out hard on WordPress 2.1 and for a good reason.   I think a rosy picture was painted of the new version without enough warning and checks and balances.

However, I don’t want anyone to think I don’t like WordPress 2.1.   I’m finding some really nice new features built into this new version.   One of those features is vspace and hspace functions built into the insert image dialog box.

That’s right, you can now tell how many spaces you want for your side and bottom border and depending on how you justify your image determines where the space is created.

If you are using an avatar in every post I would suggest you do it the way I have shown in the post Add a Little Margin   So you don’t a have to input those settings each time.

It is late here in the Old Pueblo so I’ll save for tomorrow more information on the latest release of WordPress.   Just a hint, things are getting better.

Good night Jonathan,   Good night Tobey


  1. Tobey Dalton says

    Thanks, Dave … my Boss finally figured it out.