Title Slugs and Navigation Real Estate

We are all about Real Estate here; but not the kind you sell. No, we are about the kind you present and the constraints of design.

I can write about this topic in a post, but I can only show you what I’m talking about on a page.   Why?   Because most top navigation is page driven. Therefore, I’ve setup this page titled “SEO”   (or is it?) you will find it in the top navigation.   Now read here and on the SEO page itself.

SEO Page Titles, Permalinks (slugs) and Top Navigation

Here is the situation and the solution.

SEO Principles

We want to put our keywords in our titles and in the permalinks, which is also called the “Slug”.

But here is the issue.   If you use a descriptive title it is often long.   And in our top navigation we only have so much space.   Usually we opt for the single word description.

There is a way we can have the best of both world

The All-In-One- SEO plugin is a huge help here.   Get it if you don’t have it.

First, the title.   Lets us this example:   Page called “News”

Down near the bottom of the editor page you find the All in One section.   Write in that long Title name with the keywords in it.

Second, under the title of the page there is the “Slug”   Edit the slug with either the same as the title or a keyword variation of the title.

Third, Save

That’s it, you now have a short name for your Navigation Bar.   You have a keyword rich title and you have a permalink (Slug) with the keywords for the page as well.

It works on Posts too


  1. Thanks for the tips on putting keywords in titles and permalinks. Search engine optimization is often hard for real estate agents. I use WordPress, so that will really help me.