Tinyurl For Your Posts Make Them Easy To Tweet

Twitter micro blogging is here to stay. Tinyurl’s have become a part of the fabric of communicating with Twitter. Therefore, the easier we can make it for our readers to tweet our post the better.

  • I use TweetDeck at home and it is easy to shorten the URL right from TweetDeck itself
  • But I’m not always home.   I use Twitterberry on the blackberry and there is no TINYurl for Twitterberry
  • Two plugin options are presented here. You can use them together if you chose.

O-X.fr Plugin

o-x.fr plugin is in French.   This plugin will put a little graphic-link at the bottom of each post.   It appears at the end of each post on the home page and at the bottom on the individual post is a link.   It appears as a button at the bottom of a post on a mobile browser.

Click that link and it will take you to a site where the URL is inserted in a field.   Click the BIG RED BUTTON and it will generate a tinyurl for the post. clicking in the field of the tinyurl will highlight the entire field for easy copy.   This is true from a mobile browser as well.

I like this option because it is simple.   Install the plugin and it is works

I don’t like this option:

  • because it is in French,
  • requires multiple clicks to get the tinyurl and
  • it isn’t actually intuitive to dial-up geeks
  • It is depend on a website to generate the tinyurl

But it works.   You can see the link at the bottom of this post.

TinyLinks Plugin

The TinyLinks Plugin isn’t quite as easy but once it is installed and a line of code added a couple of places to your theme it is easier for your readers to get, copy and paste the tinyurl.

  • Install and Activate the plugin
  • Add:   <p><strong>TinyURL:</strong>   <?php TinyLink() ?></p>
  • To the main loop if you want it generated for each post on your home page
  • To the single.php file for it to appear at the bottom of each post

You will have to play around with where you want it to appear on your single posts and homepage.

I like this option because it generates the TINYurl right on the bottom of the post (if you choose to put it there).   This way if someone likes the post and wants to tweet it the simply swipe the TINYurl copy and paste.

I don’t like the fact you have to insert the code in your theme and if you change themes you will have to do it again.

You can also see this at the bottom of the post right after the button for the 0-x.fr plugin.

TINYurl’s in your Mobile Press Theme

If you access the Lab from a mobile browser both plugins are working and functioning on the mobile version as well.   In the next post I’ll discuss how you can include the TINYurl plugin function in your Mobile Press Plugin Theme.

Adding TINYurl functionality to your blog will make it easier for Twitter users to “tweet” your posts.


  1. Hi! Let me start by saying that I really enjoy the topics you cover on this site. Also, this is my first post 🙂

    Down to business!
    Ok so I downloaded the TweetDeck plugin that you suggested, and I love it. I am just getting into the whole twitter marketing seen, and I find it perfect for my needs. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next post.


  2. @Max @ Free Houston Lawyers – Glad you are enjoying TweetDeck. It has made Twitter a lot easier for me to use.

    Tomorrow’s post will apply to those with blogs and Mobile Press enabled. It is something you will want to add when you get your blog up and running.

  3. Que ? Vous n’aimez-il pas le français ?

  4. @Mr Mogul – LOL, NO

  5. wow, i’m new with this stuff, but when i’m tiny my URL post, i’m always using tweetburner to help and promote it 🙂

    best wishes 🙂

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  6. @gdenarayana – This might have gotten lost in the post. But the idea is when you are on your mobile device ex. Blackberry, and you don’t have access to creating a tinyurl for a post you want to tweet. This simplifies the process.

    I can’t swipe a url in the blackberry browser so I don’t see the post url at all. By providing these two options it provides those browsing from a mobile device an easy way to “tweet” the post.

  7. Dave;

    It’s a great point that I had not considered. I don’t tweet from the road, so I never found it inconvenient because I could always go to tinyurl and make it happen.

    In short. I didn’t realize it was a pain so I did not look for the aspirin. (grin).

    Will definitely try it out. I agree totally that the idea is to make the right things (read: tweeting my post) easy to do so they get done more often!

    Good stuff.

    Eric Blackwell ´s last blog post..StatPress Reloaded Plugin … It rocks.

  8. thanks and really appreciate for the answered dave 😉

    i’m going to read and learn many great articles here 🙂

    have a nice day 🙂


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