TINYurl’s in your Mobile Press Theme

The Mobile Press Plugin is a quick and easy way to make your blog display and load quickly from a mobile device.

These days after I install a plugin I often check to see if it functions from within the mobile browser.   The tinyurl plugins I wrote about yesterday turned out to be a 1 for 2.   The button for the o-x.fr plugin appeared and worked well.   As I mentioned yesterday it functions by taking the URL to a site and when you click on the BIG RED BUTTON it provides the shortened url in a field that is already selected.   This mean all you have to do it copy and it is ready to paste into Twitter.

However, the TinyLink code won’t show up in Mobile Press   unless you add the code to the Mobile Press theme.

<p><strong>TinyURL:</strong>   <?php TinyLink() ?></p>

The only time you need to display the tinyurl is when viewing individual posts.   This makes it rather simple to locate and add the code.

Here is the process:

  • Go to the Mobile Press directory and Navigate to the Themes Directory
  • Select the theme you are using (Default) in most cases and open the single.php file
  • Insert the code into the div for content

The div you are looking for looks like this:

<div class=”post”>
<?php the_content(); ?>

Insert the line from yesterday just before the closing </div>   It will now look like this

<div class=”post”>

<?php the_content(); ?>
<p><strong>TinyURL:</strong>   <?php TinyLink() ?></p>

After you save the file and upload the individual posts will now show the tinyurl generated by the TinyLink plugin inside your Mobile Press Theme.   That’s confusing enough isn’t it?

Mobile Press + TinyLink + o-x.fr

Here is   a quick recap if you haven’t followed the series of posts.

This post only makes sense if you read yesterdays post   Tinyurl for your posts make them easy to tweet

You have to install the TinyLink Plugin then insert the above code in the Mobile Press theme’s single.php file

Making it Easy to Tweet Now Write Something Others Want to Tweet

Please don’t forget the purpose of this.   It isn’t so you can spend the weekend tweeking your blog.   It is so you can focus on writing great content that others will want to share through Twitter.

There are other reasons for setting this up besides Twitter.   As mobile browsing becomes more and more popular making it easy for those using them to navigate and share by whatever means is a courtesy to your readers.

If you view this post from a mobile device you should see   both the o-x.fr button and the same tinyurl at the end of this post.