Time to Clean the Theme Closet

WPDefaultThemesSMSince Twenty Ten was released we on the WordPress platform have been treated to a new default theme every year.  Which means we now have four default themes and Twenty Fourteen is just around the corner.

Update or Else

Many times we just leave them there collecting them like old coasters.  We don’t use them and often we don’t take the time to update them.  Why update a theme you aren’t using, right?  I get that logic.  The issue however, is security.  There may be security issues within those old themes that left unresolved could provide a backdoor for hackers.  Therefore, you are going to collect those old themes be sure to update them whenever a new WP version is released.

Better Yet Clean the Theme Closet

Yeah, open your theme’s folder and part ways with those old default themes.  You don’t need them, and you probably never thought about the fact that they count against your total file count on your hosting.

You should also delete any unused plugins.

Finally if you have 1000 spam comments in your spam folder, take the time to empty the spam folder.  You don’t need those 1000 records sitting there in your database slowing up the system.


  1. Thanks for the tip, especially about emptying the spam folder.

  2. I didn’t know that they count against my total file count. I have quite a few collecting dust that I’ll have to clean out. thanks for the tip.