Tiga Theme updated for WordPress 2.1

The Tiga theme has been updated to deal with some of the changes made to the table structure for WordPress 2.1

The link is http://themes.wordpress.net/download.php?theme=66

My thanks to RT Cunningham at Untwisted Vortex  for his continued updates on the Tiga Theme.

I was hoping the theme would have a bug fixed for the permalinks issue.   If you change the permalinks setting to anything but the default all the formatting for your blog will disappear if you are using the Tigarator.   I had to check the box to not use the tigarator for styling the theme then I had to tweak the styles.css to format the theme to look like I wanted it to.

If you have done the same you will   need to keep a copy of your old Tiga theme directory and once you install the new version above copy over the style.css or any of the other files you have modified from your old copy of the theme.   It will work, I’ve just dont it on this blog.  
If you modified the tiga.php file you have a little more work ahead.   This is where the query for the blogroll had to be altered.   You will need to make your own edits to this file or copy the new code into the one you have modified.

I’m pretty sure the author of the theme changed the category links query so it was updated to the new table structure in WordPress 2.1 but probably not much else.

I know there are a lot of blogs that like this simple 3 column layout of this theme.   I’m glad the author is still updating the theme.