Tiga Theme looses Formatting.

I’m using the Tiga theme for WordPress on this blog and 6 others.   I like the theme and the flexibilty using the Tigarator (anyboby else  thinking Arnold here) for formatting the look of the blog quickly and easily.  

There is one big bug.   If you change the Permalinks to anything but the default the entire theme looses its formatting.

with formatting                     without formatting

I’ve posted a message on the author’s  web site  about this issue and I’ve found many others using this theme posting about the same issue and not knowing what to do to get it back.

There are two options.

  1. Go into the Tigarator and turn it off with the checkbox and use the styles.css to format the theme.
  2. Set the permalinks back to default.   If you do this all is forgiven and the formatting will return.

However, I don’t like the default permalinks structure, I’ve read the best is to use a custom setting of /%category%/%postname%/   which puts the post title in the address bar.   This is supposed to provide better SEO for search engines to find your posts.

I think this is true and I’ll talk about it in another post.

For now, if you are using the Tiga Theme and you lost all the formatting, then don’t panic you can get it back, just set the permalinks back to default.

For this blog, I turned off the Tigarator, (sorry Arnold) and hand set the formatting.   I wanted the custom permalinks structure.   You might notice some subtle changes. to the format.


  1. Just came across this, in investigating this theme for another blog. We’re using it at Alphablogs, and have no issues with this particular problem. Maybe we’re using a newer version?

  2. isabella,

    I like the way you have adapted the tiga theme. Since I wrote this post over 9 months ago there have been many many changes to WP itself. It is also possible Tiga has been updated. That would be nice, I liked the theme at the time and hated giving it up.

    However, I wouldn’t go back to it now. I’ve found some very flexible themes set up with excellent SEO built into the infrastructure and easier to customize.

  3. James Morris says

    Good Morning Dave,

    I have signed up with GoDaddy and have my URL. Where do you recommend getting a theme? How much modification can you do to a theme once you have it? I see some I like the look of but there are things I would like to eliminate (calendar) and things I would like to add (about box). Can you change the header photograph on all themes?

  4. Jim,

    You can change the header on most themes but it is easier on some than others. If you get a them that is widgetized you can easily change things in the sidebar like remove the calendar and put in an about etc.

    I would recommend staring with the greenflower theme, It is easy to modify, change the image in the header and modify the size.

    Three of the blogs I write use that theme with good writing and display area.

    You might want to do some searching on WordPress Photo blog themes as well.


    I would install the theme in the root directory of your site.

    Make sure your hosting is Linix and not Windows. You will also need to set up a MYSQL database to store the data. But all of this is outlined in the single property category.

    I like green flower because it is easy to modify and it is set up nicely for SEO.

  5. James Morris says

    Not knowing better I set my hosting up as Windows. I assume I can go back and change it.

  6. Jim,

    Yes you can change it to linix. It will only take a couple of hours to reset. You can do this from your hosting admin panel.

  7. James Morris says

    Thanks, I found your Feb 25 artical.