Tiga – I Love Ya, but I gotta let you go.

tiga screen shotTiga, of all themes in all the WordPress world I had to pick you.   You had what I wanted, three columns and most of all a post column 600px wide.   I like large images and room to write.   I’ve looked at many other themes, three column, but just can’t find one with the width for posts; even 550px would be good.

But alas, Tiga you present a lot of problems for this blogger.

First was the issue with permalinks, if you use anything but the default setting the formatting goes up in smoke.

Then  the incompatible blogroll for WordPress 2.1   The author fixed that after a couple of days and we were happy campers again.

On a routine WC3 validation I discovered that if you put the blogroll in the sidebar widget it creates 4 validation errors.   There is an issue in the tiga.php code replacing the links code.   If you comment out the code to use the replacement code the errors disappear.   But you are left with a theme that looks broken.

I’m using a trial version of the latest BlogJet 2.0 to write this post.   It can’t import the links to manage the posts because of the way Tiga configures categories.

So it is time for me to let you go.   I’ll pay you a visit from time to time, but for now I must leave you behind and hope for better days ahead with a theme I can live with.   But you will always be my first theme to torn into and tried to make sense of the world behind the pretty interface.