Think before you spam that email

You just might be shooting yourself to the Google Spam filter.

Now seems to be the season of SEO companies to be hitting contact forms on blogs websites everywhere.

The message is simple and usually worded the same.

Want more traffic to your website . . . .

I get about a dozen of these a week. And I have a bold sentence at the top of my contact forms that clearly states:

If you are an SEO company please don’t bother filling in the Contact form.

But they can’t read:  How are they going to increase traffic to my site if they can’t read?

Please Pay Attention Here

If you are using Gmail like I am, the temptation is to report them as spam.  BUT WAIT.

They used your contact form.  The email actually comes from your site, Not from them.

Toss that email into the Google “Report as Spam” and it is YOUR SITE that you are reporting as a spammer.

Do you really want auto responder emails that go out from you to potential clients when they fill in your contact, CMA, Home Finder, Relocation Package request form to end up in their spam folder?

I didn’t think so.

Delete them.  But don’t “Report as Spam”

Just a tip from the Logic Bowl.



  1. Dave excellent point that I’m sure most people don’t even think about. Just like you described that first thought is to report it because you know its spam and very few people think past their first thought so this is a great reminder to slow down and think about where the email is actually coming from.

    Matt Crouse