There are TWO Google Waves ?

Got a Spare Wave Invite?  I could use one.

Got a Spare Wave Invite? I could use one.

It was a few days before REBarCampSD (Which was fantastic btw) that I finally found out there are two types of Google Wave Accounts. Now I understand why the Waves I’ve been testing are getting ZERO activity.

Google Wave and Google Wave Sandbox

There are two types of Google Wave accounts.   The sandbox were the first accounts opened for developers.   There are special debug functions and the ability to create and test widgets in the sandbox accounts.

Then there are the Google Wave accounts tied to email that everyone is getting invites and being invited to.


This became apparent a week or so ago when Jason Berman and I were trying to do some wave testing and I couldn’t see the wave he invited me to be a part of and he couldn’t see mine.

The wave I embedded here at the Lab is a sandbox wave.   So everyone that I added to the wave that asked, Well, guess what, you don’t have sandbox accounts.

There are new Google Wave Plug-ins being added everyday.   I have a Google wave notifier for Firefox just like my Gmail notifier.   But since I don’t have a “Regular” Google Wave account.   I can’t really test or use any of these.

Anybody Got a Google Wave Invite to share with the Lab?

I’ve applied for a regular Google Wave invite but so far nothing.   I’ve also not been able to get back into my Google Sandbox account.   The password is no longer being accepted and I’ve received no response from Google Wave about resetting the password.   I’m back into the account for what it is worth.

I would love to be doing Google wave testing and showing how you can use Google Waves in your blog and within your business.   But till I have an invite I’m dead in the water.

Therefore, If you have a Wave invite to spare, I could really use it here at the Lab.

Google Wave, the slickest thing since Object Oriented Programming.

I’m afraid this dates me considerably since many of you won’t even remember when Object Oriented Programming was just like Google Wave is now.   Buggy, given to crashing, and a totally new nomenclature had to be created since words didn’t exist for the new framework and functionality.

I’ll be writing a post about this in the near future.   As it stands right now Google Wave has the potential to be the “Next Big Thing”.   With emphasis on Potential.

So one final appeal.

I Need A Google Wave Invite

Anyone with a spare invite willing to share it with the Lab? It would be greatly appreciated from this Lab Rat wanting to run some Wave experiments.

Did I mention I need a Google Wave Invite?


  1. I have a bunch of invites. Send me an email or reply here with an email address.

  2. email me if you still need one,

  3. Thanks to both Jason and Maureen for the invite, invite.


    Not sure how many you have available and since jason has “a bunch” I thought I’d take one of the bunch. That being said, you are always something special, thanks.


    Oh, Lab Rat, many thanks to you. Email should have already arrived.


  4. To All:

    I very much appreciate Jason and Maureen providing invitations to Google Wave. There have been a couple of comments already come in on this post requesting a couple of Jason’s invites.

    I’m closing comments on this post so it doesn’t turn into a “Pick Me, Pick Me” post. The intent of the post was two fold.

    1. To let everyone know there are Two Google Wave account types and they don’t talk to each other.
    2. To get the invite I needed to continue conducting Wave testing here at the Lab.

    Those have been meet and comments are now closed on this post.