The Twitter Principle to Increase Traffic and Readers

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Ticking The Twitter Principle

I had a comment on an old post the other day.   It talked about the long legs that post had and the number of comments that continue to come in over a year after it was written.   The post has a life of it own.

He thought the number of comments I receive on the blog must have to do with the quality of content.   I would like to think that was the case.   But when I read that comment I remembered the exact time when the comment flood gates seemed to open and reader started coming to the Lab in numbers previous only dreamed about.

The Twitter Principle

In the beginning on Twitter I didn’t get it.   I posted about going to breakfast.   Okay, now what? So much for Twitter.   Then I started following some people on Twitter and some even seemed interested in what I was having for breakfast even though it was the same thing day after day.

I attended a few events and used hashtags to make tweets about what I observed.   At each of those events I discovered people started to follow what I was tweeting.   I began tweeting observation about life, tweeting about new things I had found while reading on the web and tweeting about blog posts I had written at the Lab as well.

One weekend in particular stands out.   I was watching our grand daughter making sand pies for her teddy bears birthday.   We were in the back yard and I was tweeting about what was going on.   Found it:

Telling a 5 yr old a pink rock is rabbit poop from eating carrots is fun. So is telling her not to lick her fingers after she drops the rock
I never believed in purgatory. After 10 days with a 5 year old saying grandpa every 5 seconds I believe, oh I believe.
What do you give a stuffed bear for his Birthday besides sand cookies and pie. He is afraid of lit candles
Making sand pies in the back yard. Isn,t there a plugin for doing this?
Outside watching a 5 year old that is on a timmer to say “grandpa, why . . .” Every 5 seconds

That set of tweets on twitter brought 4 or 5 new followers in a matter of minutes.   I have 246 followers as I write this post (when I started writing this post a couple of months ago I had 125).   Not a lot, but more coming everyday and not all of those want to sell me something.

I find other people by seeing who is responding to the people I’m following.   I in turn find some interesting people and start following them.   (I was on Twitter for 4 months before I knew I could click on those twitter id’s and go to their Twitter page) (it only took me a couple more weeks to find the “Follow” button under their picture)   That is why I’m called the “Dial-up Geek”.

The more people I follow the more people I’m exposed to who are interesting and I follow them.   Many of them read what I’m tweeting and in turn follow me back.   The readers and followers grow.

Applying the Twitter Principle To Your Blog

Eric Blackwell did the first guest post at the Lab.   “Eric Blackwell’s Must have WordPress Plugins”   When I published Eric’s post he got more comments on that single blog post than I think I had on the entire blog for the previous year.

All of Eric’s friends read his post on the lab.   Many of those came from The Real Estate Webmaster’s site where I first met Eric as an Administrator.

For many of those readers it was their introduction to the Lab.   He brought an whole new wave of readers and some of them even come back from time to time to see what’s cooking here in the Lab.

Having a guest writer on your blog from time to time will expose you to new readers.   I’m sure the guest writer will want to share the fact they have written a post.   If it turns out they are a blogger with readers all the better.

Using the Twitter Principle you can expand the influence of your blog and increase potential for new readers.


  1. This whole twitter thing is intriguing. I have about 200 followers so far. I’ve been told that good link juice will result in tweets? I’m going to keep it up though. It’s too leading edge and not to mention cool not to.

  2. Dave- I still haven’t figured out how wasting spending time on twitter, tweetle-de-doing about rabbit poop and sand pies helps to bring in more real estate business? I’m not being critical, and if people want to follow each other’s comments about what they’re having for breakfast, that’s their business I just figure out how the time spent makes any sense from a business standpoint.

    I’m all for innovative new techniques for connecting with new clients, I just haven’t figure out how Twitter helps.

    John Kalinowski ´s last blog post..Is PC Magazine Dead?

  3. @John Kalinowski – John,

    First the principle is to have an ever expanding sphere of people connected to you and to the ones they are connected to. It isn’t marketing in the direct way, it is serendipitous marketing, (chance happenings along the road of life).

    However, Twitter itself isn’t the topic of this post. It is the principle of ever expanding contacts. By having guest bloggers write on your blog you increase odds of new people finding your content and eventually those people or someone they know will have a need for the services you provide.

    This is the Twitter Principle of Serendipitous Marketing.