The Twitter Principle isn’t about Twitter

The Twitter Principle isn’t about Twitter

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It is about applying social networking principles to your blog.   I’ve written two blogs posts about applying the Twitter Principle to blogging and in each case most of the comments have nothing to do with the social networking dynamic of the Twitter Principle, instead they are focused on Twitter itself and in some cases SEO.

Twitter is not about SEO

If you are trying to figure out a way Twitter is used for SEO then STOP.   It isn’t an SEO tool.   It is a different way of thinking.   It is a tool for bringing eyes to your blog and potential future clients to you.

I want to write more about applying this new dynamic to RE Blogging.   However, I have to write this first, because it seems the eyes glaze over at the mention of the word Twitter.

Lets take a few seconds and talk about the dynamic of Twitter and why it is often hard to understand how it works.

I Don’t Get Twitter

I hear this a lot, along with “How is Twitter going to help my business?”.   Twitter is a great example of Serendipitous Marketing, or you could say Relational Marketing through building relationships with others.

When you first get a Twitter account and write that first “Tweet” (a micro blog post of 140 characters) you have no idea what to do next.   Did anyone read it?   More than that, when you are new to Twitter and you haven’t started following anyone yet, you are in a big empty room with nothing but lots of nothing going on. Now What?

Twitter is like a WordPress Blog platform

You install the files, pick a theme, maybe add some graphics and a few links and then you just wait for all the traffic to come to your blog, RIGHT?   WRONG, once you have the platform and Theme laid out it is time to add content and begin to build readership.   You do this by writing content others are interested in reading and coming back to read what you have to say.

When you set up your Twitter account, pick your background and add your links it is now time to get to work building your Twitter presence.

Start by finding a few people who you know use Twitter.   “Follow them”   Now you will see what they micro blog “Tweet”   Follow some of the people on Twitter they follow who write about things you are interested in.   Soon, your Twitter stream is filled with your Tweets (Micro blog posts) and the Tweets of those you Follow (Their Micro Blog posts).

A Well Developed Twitter Stream is like a Micro Blog Feed Reader

Now you are building your Twitter Presence.   You keep building your “Tribe” and adding other micro bloggers to your account as you “Follow” them.   After you get a couple of hundred followers and you are following you can look at your Twitter Stream and use it like a feed reader of interesting micro blog posts.

Reading Only One Side of a conversation is confusing

A real breakthrough comes when you figure out you sometimes have to follow some people you wouldn’t ordinarily chose to follow.   You do so because if you don’t follow them you never know what they are talking about with the person you are following.   When you get both sides of conversations it is easier to understand what is going on and easier to join the conversation.

When you get to this point in building your Twitter Account and Presence there is an Ah Ha moment when it starts to click.   Now you get it.   It isn’t about SEO, it is about relationships and chance encounters.   It is also about having a source of information different than any source you have ever had before.

Three Degrees of Separation

Six degrees of separation whether from Kevin Bacon or anyone else has been debunked.   It is a however a good way to think of how the Twitter Principle is applied to building readers and “followers” on your blog.

Getting new eyes on your blog and hopefully new regular readers and potential clients is the goal of blogging.   One way we do this is through good content and SEO to get that content found on Google or any other search engine.   Another way of doing this is applying the Twitter Principle.

Invite a Guest Blogger to post on your blog.   All the people that don’t know your blog exists but do read the guest bloggers blog will come and read his post on your blog.   New readers see your blog for the first time.   If they like what they see and book mark your blog, put it in their feed reader, or better yet add you to their blog roll, you have just been “FOLLOWED”.

Blog a Local Event You will get new readers who are interested in that event to your blog.   If they like what they see, they will come back, put you in their feed reader or add you to their blog roll, you have just been “FOLLOWED”.

The Twitter Principle isn’t about Twitter

It is about using the social dynamic on which Twitter is platformed as a way to get more traffic, more eyes, more readers and potentially more clients “FOLLOWERS” to your blog.

Playing golf and meeting new people who become clients is the Twitter Principle in action.

I know an agent who has built his entire real estate business on playing golf.   I image some of you do to.   Have you ever said “How is Playing Golf going to help build my business?”.   You play golf with three other guys, or you play in a league with a lot of other guys broken up into groups of 4.   You meet new poeple, they get to know you while spending time together looking in the weeds for a little white ball. Some of those people need your services and when they do they become your clients.   Or I could just say “I Don’t Get Golf”.

Some people don’t play golf.   If you don’t play golf then trying to build your business playing golf is not a good idea.   Some people are not good at micro blogging.   They don’t understand how to spread their influence or say interesting things other would want read 140 characters at a time.   If that is true for you, then Twitter isn’t for you.

But there is something you are good at, interested in, or passionate about to which you can apply the Twitter Principle.


  1. Thank you. Your post is helping to lift the clouds around twitter. The metaphor to golf is appropriate.

    Keahi Pelayo ´s last blog post..Loan Modification Update

  2. sometime the twitter is for seo.

  3. I have come across a Tweet doing a search on Google, which was pretty shocking.

    “How is Twitter going to help my real estate business?” It’s not… You might get a referral deal here and there from another agent but you are not going to find a steady source of clients. Real Estate Agents can only invest so much time in building their online presence and I just don’t think Twitter is a great use of time based on ROI.

    If your business is marketing to real estate industry professionals, Twitter would be a great tool!

  4. I like the golfing analogy – it kind of sums it up well.
    A Learn to golf or
    B learn to twitter or
    C do both

  5. I’m not sure I agree that Twitter is a big time waster. There are nice little gadgets that allow you to Twitter a blog post with the click of a button. If you’re writing a blog post anyway then you might as well click the button and Twitter it. Then again, I’m really not sure that a lot of people will follow the workings of a full-time Realtor. But I’ve been wrong in the past and there may be advantages that I haven’t considered.

  6. San Diego Homes, If that really is your name. Did you read this post? Where did you get the idea “Twitter is a big time waster”. That certainly isn’t in this post.

    Or is this one of those leave a quick comment for a back-link. Just curious. @daveintucson

  7. San Diego was replying to Tony.
    .-= Jason Brown´s last blog ..Lesson Learned: Order A Foo Foo Drink With Dinner, Don’t Be Surprised If It Comes Out Pink =-.