The Twitter Principle – Blog a Local Event

Extreme Makeover Tucson Demolition

Extreme Makeover Tucson Demolition

Another way you can apply the Twitter Principle is to blog a local event.

I will admit first hand I was skeptical of this one.   But having recently experienced it first hand I can say it will increase traffic to your blog and find you some new readers as well.

Extreme Makeover Tucson

Last month I was roped into asked to blog about Extreme Makeover as it built a home in Tucson.   I was reluctant, to say the least.   Promises of access to the site and to be able to “shoot right along with the production crew” were quickly forgotten once I nodded a positive response to covering the event.

I hesitated for a couple of reasons:

Worried about loosing focus and readers

I cover the Tucson Real Estate market and what it is like living in Tucson.   I have my posts now being picked up and syndicated by a financial and investment blog.   I wasn’t sure what a weeks worth of covering this local event was going to do to the focus and readership.

I prefaced the week by writing I would be covering the event in detail and the regular posting schedule and content would be suspended during the event.   A week long event is unusual.   Many events are over a weekend and you could cover them in depth and still keep the focus of your content during the week.

  • Some Days I posted several times a day about the event.
  • We posted videos of the construction
  • I created a photo gallery page for the event.
  • I put regular updates on Twitter and created a hashtag for anyone wanting to tweet about it.
  • I put up a page on the blog with a feed of that hashtag and anyone using extreme makeover Tucson in a tweet.

The traffic coming to the site from Google searches and Twitter was more than double the typical traffic for the site.   Honestly, this I expected.   A lot of people that had never even known there was a Tucson Real Estate blog were reading about Extreme Makeover and a lot of people were putting links back to the posts and the photo gallery for others to read or view.   A large number of back links were created during that event.

Reason 2 Fear of Lost Readers

Extreme Makeover is one of those shows you either love or can’t stand.   How can you build a home in 7 days.   Little do they know they actually build the home in 4 days not 7.   Most of those people can’t keep the home, they loose it to pay for the taxes or sell it to make a profit.   You get the point.   I didn’t want the week long coverage of this event to drive away people that had come to be regular readers of the blog.

While the traffic to the blog was way up the subscribed readership during the week dropped off by about 30%.   If I knew a blog I read everyday was going to take a week and write about Extreme Makeover I wouldn’t be reading there fro a week.   I could expect no less being the one writing about it.

Subscribers have slowly returned and while the traffic hits and visits did drop off after the event was over, it didn’t go back down to where it was before the coverage of the event.

The Twitter Principle   at Work

Some people that were regular followers weren’t interested in the topic and dropped out during it.   But new readers became followers because they liked the coverage, pictures, videos and looked around the site and found something that caught their interest enough to keep coming back.

The SEO Bump

Yes, there was a bump after the week.   It might be coincidental, but I noticed the site gained positions for all the search terms associated with the blog where it wasn’t already #1.   Google knows when a site is getting a lot of traffic.   It knows why the site is getting traffic as well.   It wasn’t because of the use of a celebrity name (I didn’t mention the names of the design crew or the show except in Image titles and descriptions, yes that was by design).   I didn’t use sensational language that would attract viewer looking for, let’s say, less wholesome content.

The coverage of the event brought a lot of traffic and provided information and content which readers were looking for.   The bump in rankings continues even now a couple of weeks after the event is over.

Covering a local event in detail can increase traffic and help your blog find new readers who might become regular readers because of the Twitter Principle at work.


  1. Dave-
    I am new to Twitter. I thought this was just for teenagers until I heard my real estate attorney tell me how he was getting many leads and people contacting him based upon his “business” use of Twitter.

    I searched, but I did not see any post on here about what Plug-ins or Widgets to use on your WP blog to promote people to follow you on Twitter. I was figuring to have a sidebar widget with my last tweets (I think that is what they are called).


    Scott Ficek ´s last blog post..Saint Paul Real Estate Values

  2. dear dave,

    you’ve always come with new technique for your market and joining between twitter technology and SEO.

    i’m still learning from you dave 😉

    have a nice weekend.

    gdenarayana ´s last blog post..Video Kekerasan Kembali Marak

  3. I am a huge fan of twitter and get a ton of traffic as a result of using it. Hopefully the bump in traffic you received, included a few that will stick around. I came as a result of and will be coming back again.

  4. Dave, I’m new to Twitter also. In the past few months I have worked on SEO with the learn as I go approach.

    I just put a link to my site there and noticed it is a no-follow link. Will it still help?

    Last, the comment box is so small. If you keep leaving all these small comments will people really follow you?

  5. Todd,

    I still owe Brad Nix a post I promised him last week. But your comment is worthy of a post all it’s own. And you won’t have to wait a week. Maybe a day, but I’ve been informed by my wife the office is closed for tonight and she is always (usually) right : )

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    I am still new in twitter and still haven’t notice the advantage of it on my homepage. I gonna reading twitter strategy on real estate and i got here. Maybe i could read some of your post. Keep going.


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