The No Index Tags Option in All-In-One-SEO

How is that for a keyword rich catchy title.

Another Line in the Water

Another Line in the Water

I was doing some checking back and forth between the settings for one of the Tucson blogs and the Lab and noticed I had the option about no index tags checked for the Lab and unchecked for the Tucson Blog. I mentioned two days ago about those tags being indexed in Google for that blog.

I looked at the explanation for not indexing tags and it said “Check this for excluding tag pages from being crawled. Useful for avoiding duplicate content.”

This might be a legitimate concern and the author states on the plugin page itself this is helpful if you are having duplicate content issues. However, I have the Tucson blog set up to display excerpts not full post text when returning a search on tags. I think this should deal with any concerns about duplicate content. I’m open to suggestions and differing opinions on this issue.

I’m not suggesting you turn this option on or off. I’ve never seen tags indexed until recently. I have stated on numerous occasions I consider each post and search result a line in the water to attract readers and potential buyers and sellers. If they happen upon one of my sites by clicking on a tag search so be it. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I was looking for something entirely different when something else I was looking for popped up in a search. I bookmark those and come back. So I’m inclined to want my tags indexed.

However, I use tags judiciously. I don’t put a lot of them in each post. I select tags which I think are keywords to the post and post topic. If I make an off handed remark in a post about something that might generate traffic but it is not specific to the topic I don’t include it as a tag.

Anybody wanting to weigh in on indexed tags here is the opportunity.


  1. I wasn’t really familiar with this, but I am with you and will continue to allow the tags to be indexed. Come to think about it, I don’t really use tags on my Flagship site…maybe I will.

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  2. I definitely try not to overdo it with tags as well. A few strong keywords seem to be enough, especially if the article itself has plenty of keywords. It irks me when I see a blog post that has 15 tags — it almost seems like an act of desperation for SEO. And I do worry about penalization from Google, though maybe I’m giving their robots too much credit 🙂

  3. I realize this is an old post and I would like to make an update to what you had said in this post. There is a newer version of this plugin now and it makes use of the new canonical tag (which I’ve noticed you are actually using.) So when I configure All-in-One SEO I enable canonical and disable noindex on tag pages. That way the tags could still be indexed and bring in traffic but I’ll avoid any duplicate content issues by indicating the original source of the content. I think it should work fine.

  4. Alex,

    You are right this is an old post. I have since posted about “TURNING TAGS OFF ALL TOGETHER”. It isn’t about duplicate content or canonical tagging. It is about keyword density in all the pages of content you have indexed.

    If your site is new and you have fewer than 1000 pages indexed on Google then you can gets some traffic from those tags. If you have over 1000 pages indexed in Google I would suggest you turn off index tags.

    It will reduce the number of pages you have indexed and increase your keyword density. This was something I experimented with a few months back and found to be very true. The main keywords I wanted to rank for moved way up in the rankings when I turned off tag indexing and watched my indexed pages fall from 2,450 pages down to 800.

    Yes I lost the traffic from those tags. But my overall traffic grew because of the placement improvement for the main keywords.


  5. Dave, I didn’t know that. I just recently started up a blog, but as it ages I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.
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  6. The noindex direvitive is unofficially supported by Google and no other search engine. It acts in similar ways to disallow, but is overall much better for SEO campaigns.
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