The LBC Designation for Comments

I’m thinking about creating a designation for Comments in an effort to make managing comments easier.   I’m doing this for two reasons.

Do Follow SEO Lists

There are now multiple lists of blogs which allow or use “do follow” on their blogs comments.   These list have lead to an increase in what I refer to as comment spam.   These are comments like “Great Post” “Wow, I really got a lot out of this” “Your blog has a lot of useful information”   You get the idea.   These are usually posts using keyword spamming (taught to them by the same SEO guru publishing the list) in the Name field. Another sure sign of this kind of spam comments are the ever changing urls used in a string of comments left one after another in a short period of time.

As I wrote earlier in the post on Lucia’s Link Love Plugin you can set a limit to the number of character acceptable in the name field to trip a switch and remove the “do follow” from the comment.   I like this and find it helpful.   I’ve recently heard some “SEO types are saying this selective do follow will be penalized by Google”   Hum, why would they do this?   But, if they do, then there will be on do follow plugins activated, or all comments of this type will be deleted in moderation, better yet, these types of comments will be designated “SPAM” and Askimet will flag any comment by this author as such.

Active Rainers Let Loose on The Blogosphere

I recently joined Active Rain because of an assignment for REBlogworld in Las Vegas.     I find Active Rain to be the best peer to peer industry related social network and forum bar none.   I say this without malice, it is the closest thing to a Real Estate Blogging Cult there is.   They even call themselves Rainers.   They comment with abandon for “points” for both posts and comments.   It is like a giant RE Video Pinball parlor where you can rack up points for just about anything and get your name put on the “Highest Scores Board”.   It is the Place of Virtual Real Estate Life.

However, I’ve discovered they don’t always stay confined inside that life.   Some of them inadvertently venture out into the Blogosphere and view leaving mundane comments on do follow blogs as another type of “Point System”.   (Rich I wrote this just for you, I thought you might be missing Active Strain : )

The LBC Designation for Comments

Therefore, I’ve decided to create a Link Back Comment or LBC designation for comments.   If you are commenting on a blog and it is just for a link back, use the LBC at the beginning of your comment to designate it as such.   It is like using a hashtag on Twitter.

This will save you the time of reading the post. (Which most don’t anyway).   It might also keep your comments from being reported as spam instead of simply being deleted.   If you are in need of a link back because you don’t have the time to create quality content yourself then using the LBC in front of your comments might get more of them published on blogs.

It also tells readers of a post and the comments associated with the post they can skip this comment since it isn’t really adding to the discussion in any manner it is just a self serving comment for the LBC author.

This will make it easier for legitimate readers since they will not have to wade through these mundane self serving comments to get to those that really do contribute to the discussion.

Here is an example:

“LBC Great post, you really said a lot of interesting things here.”

Bolding the LBC is optional, it might be a good idea however to make it easier to spot for readers so they can skip it.

There might be a few LBC bloggers that read this and I would like you to leave a real comment on the idea and not an LBC comment.

I would also like to hear what other bloggers think about the idea. Would you approve LBC comments?   Would you use them as a quick way to identify comments to delete or send to Askimet Spam?   Is it just a bad idea and we all need to learn to live with mundane comment spam and the occational Rainer that escapes.

If you’ve read this far what do you think?   Is my tongue firmly planted in cheek?   How many times did you smile as you read this, how many times did you laugh out loud?   If you should get an LBC designated comment would you be willing to share it or just delete it and keep on smiling?


  1. Hey Dave,
    “Great Post!”, just kidding! This is actually my first time on your blog and I found it by someone recommending your site as a “Do-Follow” site. Yes, I do use keywords in my Name Field because that is why I started a blog [; to obtain better SEO rankings]. But, I do actually read blogs and try to provide useful comments. So the plug-in you mention will hurt folks like me. However, I do notice spam comments on my own blog so I do see your frustration. It’s kind of a catch 22. Unfortunately, the masses ruin it for decent commentors like me.

    San Mateo Real Estates last blog post..Sprinkles Cupcakes Opens in Stanford Shopping Center

  2. San Mateo Real Estate,

    I’ve taken your comment out of the spam filter. This means your comments are being flagged by Askimet as spam and they go directly to the spam file for anyone with Askimet on their site. (That’s a lot of blogs) Which means you have been getting no advantage from the keywords in your name.

    Second you do not get a do follow on your comment above even though you read the post you exceeded the parameters for a do follow by putting in your keywords in the name.

    Just a couple of things to think about because the way it is now you aren’t getting any links back. You might want to rethink using them. There is no SEO advantage if your comments are not published and if they are there is a no follow in them.

    I started all my blogs (except for no real reason) for better seo placement in the organics. But I get there by writing quality content on the blogs not by putting keywords in comments. Your blog posts themselves structured with keywords in the post titles and h3 tags are your best place to use keywords for SEO.

  3. LBC – Great Post. I agree 100%. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you webmaster. You are a true leader. I just subscribed to this blog. I’ll keep an eye on this blog. My friend just referred me to your blog, great stuff. Excellent point. Impressive list of contributors. Rain power! We should network. Yeah buddy. Wow, I just emailed this to all of my friends. Bump. Do you need car insurance? 🙂

    On a serious note – that is a small list of comments that I don’t approve and wouldn’t consider, even if they included a LBC designation. Great idea though. I think you should remove the seo juice, publish the comment, and put your own SPAM stamp on it just to be an example.

    I really did just add this blog to my g-reader. Thanks.


    Mark Madsens last blog post..Use this icebreaker to get into see top agents!

  4. Mark,

    A little too much caffeine today! Ya Think?

    I have great car insurance with AIG at least I think it is still AIG. Well maybe I need car insurance. . .

    I hope you enjoyed the post complete with tongue in cheek.

    I do like the idea of a SPAM Stamp to put in comments. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Sorry about that Dave, I was having fun posting most of the comments that I typically receive.

    I was kind of joking about the spam stamp, but please let me know if you can figure it out.



    Mark Madsens last blog post..Use this icebreaker to get into see top agents!

  6. Around here we try and have a lot of fun while we learn a few things along the way. But we never let things get in the way of having some fun. Nothing to be sorry about. LOL Your comment fit right in here.

  7. Hi Dave,

    I would say great post but I am scared. Anyway, it would be nice to be able to lable comments as Lame, rather than having to delete them or Akismet them. Sometimes though I get comments that just make me madd.

  8. You tongue must have a cramp from being pushed so hard into your cheek. I really like the comment spam icon idea much better.

    Would I approve an LBC? I guess I don’t see the point.

    I have to disagree with you though about people who use Keywords in the name field. As long as the comment is a reasonable comment I don’t care if they use a keyword. Isn’t it somewhat hypocritical to want to give a link but not want to give a link with a good keyword?

    I sometimes use keywords in the name field. However I recognize that many blog owners feel stupid replying to a keyword instead of a real name. I always sign my real name within the post. I do worry that blog owners with discount my comment just because I use a keyword in the name field.

    Ned Carey

    Ned Careys last blog post..Blog Rush is Shutting Down

  9. Dave,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and the over caffeinated rapid fire one liner post. I can tell you had fun with this post and I think you should go to the Doc. and have your cheek looked at as you may have peirced it.

    On a more serious not I have been floating about the web for the last year reading alot of stuff about spam, backlinks and SEO bringing me to the conclusion that Google’s efforts in preventing their rankings from being manipulated has ruined a big part of the free nature sharing ways of the web when I was involved back in 2002. It does truely sadden me that people have gotten so concerned with PR and SERPs that they see guarded and defensive.

    In the end of course it is the spammers that have brought us to this point and I have a distaste for them as much as the next guy but really would like to see the massive collaborative efforts return. Perhapse your spam designation at the begining of the posts could get us back to that point but probably not. However, your post has made me decide to approve all comments that use such a designation and Askimet any other crap posts I see.

  10. “SEO types are saying this selective do follow will be penalized by Google” may it be explain?

  11. Syracuse wrote
    >“SEO types are saying this selective do follow will be penalized by Google” may it be explain?

    This looks like a drive by comment but I would be interested what you mean by “selective do follow will be penalized by Google”?

  12. Ned,

    So would I, I’ve not heard anything about it. I’m sure the author of Lucia’s link love would not have made it an option to set character limits for tripping no follow would have done so if there were to be an SEO repercussion for doing so.

    There are valid reasons for no=follow and Google guessing as to what those are seems like more of the SEO “expert” banter which is thrown around all the time. BTW do you know what it takes to be an SEO “expert” (the ability to spell SEO expert)


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