The Image Widget

After attending REBARCAMP Denver I attended my first “after party”. It was while having a conversation with a new lab rat and a couple of veteran rats I realized the topics covered here at the lab have evolved with me. That realization came when I heard “it took me three hours to figure out how to get my picture in the sidebar”. Three weeks ago I had the same need. I did a quick plugin search and found the image widget. Installed the widget and put my image links in the widget and put it in my sidebar.

In the early days of the lab that would have been a blog post. But ti wasn’t. Why? Because I found it so simple to do I didn’t even consider it worth a post. I was wrong, those things I now find so simple in the beginning would drive me crazy and take hours to resolve.

The Image Widget

The Image Widget is a great little plugin that allows you to simply put an image in a widget.   No code to remember or syntax to figure out on getting an image in the sidebar.

I know if you have been around WordPress for awhile it isn’t a big thing to open a text box and put the code in place to display the image.   But remember, you do remember, when you first got started and how frustrating it was to try do some of the things that now are so simple.   Simple TO YOU.

I wanted a before and after image in the sidebar.   I wanted it styled and titled to fit the theme.   The Image Widget did exactly that.   It was straightforward and easy to install and move those images anywhere I wanted them on my sidebar.   Want a description under the picture, Done.   Title over the image, Done.


  1. “it took me three hours to figure out how to get my picture in the sidebar”

    Funny, I spent 3-4 hours this weekend tying to figure out NextGen. I wanted a bunch of listing images to display in the sidebar but NextGen defaults to 10. I’ll give the Image Widget a try.

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