The Hidden Value of IDX on Your Site

This post is short and sweat.  Here is the hidden value of having and IDX solution that keep your visitors on your site.  Bounce Rate.

Another way of putting it, Real Estate Porn.  I a session at BlogWorld a couple of years ago about travel blogging, the speaker called it travel porn. Travel porn is people looking at pictures of far off places they would never visit themselves but would like to dream about going there someday.

The beauty of IDX search is this:  No one is limited to viewing only homes they can afford.  Buyers can spend hours on your site looking at homes they could never purchase, but should they win the lottery, would consider it.  It is that desire to hope and dream and look at all those homes they would love to have that keeps them on your site.

But don’t forget, this applies to IDX that is ON YOUR site, not a sub-domain on the IDX Providers site.


  1. Agreed Dave. Give all the home search visitors want away for FREE, as most have probably come to expect that.

    But also offer enticing IDX driven lead capture opportunities like Register Listing Email Alerts & Register Accounts for Saved Searches and Saved Listings.

    The ‘Calls To Action’ can easily be designed into the site.

  2. A real estate website without an IDX is pretty useless. An IDX is an integral part of any functional website. It can also be a great lead capture device. Give them a certain number of searches and then require them to registered. Some of the registrations are fictional but the vast majority are real.

  3. A very hilarious yet very insightful analogy. Plus, the longer users spend on your site the more they get used to using it as their real estate site of choice.

  4. Bob Wilson says

    Actually Dave you are incorrect about the sub domain as long as its your sub-domain.

  5. Bob,

    How am I incorrect. My statement says clearly not a sub-domain “On the IDX providers site”

    I would never have an IDX solution that wasn’t on my site.


  6. Just discovered your blog. Great stuff. We have a publication in AZ, if you ever feel like writing on the subject of rental housing, let me know!


  7. Thanks Will,

    I know nothing of rental housing; that’s why I stick to the geeky stuff of WordPress


  8. Buyers and sellers only want what most re websites offer: stale, re-spun articles on home improvement and advice on staging your home to sell. Truth be told, they only want (and need) a good IDX search vehicle to navigate. And if social psychology has taught us anything, it is that humans respond to the principle of reciprocity, meaning giving them something creates a need for them to return the favor.
    Hence, the power of forced registration, without which the power of an IDX is lost.

  9. What is a really good bounce rate to try and maintain? What is the best bounce rate to expect for a real estate site.

  10. Steve,

    That’s a good question. I’ve never considered bounce rate much. It is another metric and some watch it very closely. I have three RE sites I track and the largest has a bounce rate of 29% another 75% another 54%. The blog lab has a bounce rate of 5%.

    Here is why I don’t consider bounce rate. If you have a static site on which you are running pay per click campaigns then bounce rate tells you how that is going, are they staying on site, buying, etc. On an RE site if we are blogging about the community, more than likely we will have short post about events and places. Well written so the reader finds the information they need and leaves. (High bounce rate) If we have very indepth articles the visitors will actually read the time on site is greater. If we have IDX on the site, they are there looking at houses. The effect is lower bounce rate. But does it skew the overall effect? I don’t know.

    RE sites are a different animal all together because of our mixed types of content. I place more value on visitors, pageviews, and pagerank. Bounce rate is fun to see, but nothing I can really use as a metric for my RE sites. IMHO.


  11. When you want to quickly check a page rank for a site what tool/site to you use to see that? I’m guessing a Fire Fox plugin?

  12. Both Chrome and Firefox have pagerank extension addons you can use to view pagerank.