The Comment Spam Can Seal

Mark Madsen was a little wired up on caffeine and throwing out some great one liners the other day in a comment.   He recommended I come up with a comment spam seal that could be put on comments and then go ahead and publish them.

I had to laugh at first then thought about how we often take things way to serious and how much fun it might be to have just such a seal we could all use to edit comments that are clearly spam in nature.

I usually just send them to askimet and be done with it.   Sometimes it is obvious it is comment spam.   You know they didn’t read the post.   They fill the comment with links to themselves or a product they are pitching, etc.

There are others that do seem to have something to contribute then pollute the comment with a pitch.

I came up with the little version of the graphic I created for a post about comment spam and included it in my response to Mark.   Last night, in the middle of the night I had the idea to write this post and provide a link to the image so you can simple swipe the code in this post and save it in your google notebook or past it somewhere you can copy and paste it easily into a comment.

Comment Spam Can Seal Code

<img title=”CSStamp” src=”” alt=”” width=”100″ height=”100″ />

Some of these middle of the night ideas turn out to be vampire ideas,   (They can’t stand the light of day).

This might be one of them or maybe not.

You don’t need any CSS.   You don’t have to download and host the image.   I’ll always leave it up so it won’t ever become a broken link.   I give you full permission to use this logo in any comment you desire to label as spam on your blog or blogs.

Sometimes it is more fun to make fun of an annoyance than to be annoyed by it.

In most cases if you see this on a comment here at the Lab I will have removed the link URL to the spammer’s site unless there is humorous value in leaving it.   Then an rel=”no follow” will get attached to it if necessary.

Are you ready to have some fun with spam?


  1. Haha… great idea. I am also a “do-follow” blog and get a lot of the “great post” and link filled posts. This is a great idea. Seriously… oh no… am I gonna get the spam seal?

  2. Brendan,

    Close, very close, you have been flagged as spam by enough blogs your comment went right straight into the Askimet spam filter.

    Your comment was too funny to leave in there. But you might want to appeal to Askimet since your comments are all landing in spam and many bloggers don’t even read the spam file, they delete it or let it be deleted in 30 days automatically.

  3. Great idea, I also run a few do-follow blogs and get some very interesting comments, which usually end up going to Askimet.

    I get some very nice comments as well though.


  4. I can’t wait to try this out, and I’ll stay off the caffeine. 🙂

  5. One of my conrtibutors on my real estate blog appears to have an issue as well, his comments go into my spam box as well. It’s just ironic he is a contributor on my blog?

  6. I’m not yet familar with Askimet. Is there a way that a person can find out whether they’ve been tagged as a spammer, does the program do it on an ad hoc basis? I’ve seen a lot of spammy blog posts, and always try to read the post and keep it real. But obviously the backlinks are a major motivator for a lot of people… Not for me of course 😉 Thanks for your post!

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