The Best SEO Tip of the Year – h3 tags

h3 tagsHow’s that for a grabber title?

The best thing, this could be true for you if you aren’t utilizing header 3 tags on your blog.

A Little Header Background

The header tags are used to tell search engine bots how important the text that follows is to the page being scanned.  The pecking order is Header 1 is THE MOST IMPORTANT text.  This is usually the Site title or the Blog Post title depending on how your theme has been coded to handle header tags. (Which is why some theme’s are much better for you than others)

Some theme’s will make the post titles h2 tags which are . . . you guessed it, not quite as important as h1 tags but still IMPORTANT.  Others will have them as h1 tags on the individual posts but has h2 or h3 tags on the blog page where more than one post is displayed at a time.

How to Integrate Header 3 Tags in your posts

You see that sub-title just above these words?  This one: “How to Integrate Header 3 Tags in your posts”  Here at the Lab the theme makes h3 tags really stand out as sub topics which are easy to see and read.  Sometimes the theme css will set the h3 tag to be almost the same a bolding of text.  But bolding isn’t the reason to use an h3 tag.  It is to tell the search bots, this is more important than than the text before it, and it applies to the text that is about to follow.

Okay, so why is this important or the best SEO tip.  Because you can rank high in the organic searches for you h3 tags.  Really?  Yes, really.  Use keywords that describe what is following and Google will know it is important because it is a header tag and it will index those keywords accordingly.

Can you give us an example?

Sure, Here we go.  (Remember that time and tide wait for no man or woman, as time goes by this search might not rank the way it does now).

The blog post for our example is one that is on Sacramento Real Estate Voice The specific post is Tucson Mountain Views What are They Worth.   In that post I used two h3 tags.

I’d like a home with Mountain Views and Putting Mountain Views in Perspective

I’ve created links to the google search for these phrases so you can see where they rank in the organic searches.  Using Google Chrome in Incognito mode I currently get these positions for the searches.

I’d like a home with Mountain Views Page 1 #2

Putting Mountain Views in Perspective Page 1 #1

This post might change those positions, but since I’m not using h3 tags in the text I doubt it.  This post should appear on Page 1 for these phrases but Sacramento Real Estate Voice results should always out rank this post.


  1. Thanks Dave for this great tip, I am going have to start using these tags more often.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have never even considered using h3 within a post. I will have to start using html instead of just wysiwyg.

  3. Carmen,

    You don’t need to use the HTML tab to add h3 tags to your post.

    I’ve added a short screencast to the post showing you how to do it with the visual editor.


  4. Hey Dave,

    I have always used h2 tags for my posts in the same way you are describing the H3 tags.

    Is this wrong? Should I begin using h3 tags instead?

    My website is about Carrollton TX Real Estate.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Brian,

    It is typical to have only a single h2 tag to a page, so I would use h3 tags there, but your h1 tags are good and they way they are structured. It really isn’t wrong to use them the way you are, just not typical.


  6. Lisa@Troon Real Estate says

    Great tip. I would have NEVER thought to use an h3 tag in one of my blog posts. It’s so much easier than I thought it would be too.

  7. Great tip! Finally an SEO tip I can understand. Now, if someone could explain how I can get 10,000 quality links quickly, I’ll get really excited.

  8. Would H4 tags be just as acceptable from a purely SEO standpoint?

  9. Mark,

    No, they are descending in order of importance. The h1 carries the most weight, then on down. So an h4 tag carries less SEO weight than does an h3 tag. But they are an acceptable tag. Just don’t carry the SEO weight.


  10. Thanks Dave! I may switch back to using larger H tags when it will fit and look OK.

  11. Hey there Dave,

    It’s interesting how size of the text matters within an article. I’ll have to use h3 tags instead of just making each subject in bold.

  12. Thanks for the tip. I so didn’t think H3 tags were important. I think on my page, I actually have like 2 H2 tags. It’s time to make some changes.

  13. Nice explanation, i would like to know if its metter how much h3 can be used. its written 4 in some blogs.

  14. Marty,

    You use as many are your post/page needs for clarity. Forget anyone telling you 4 is the limit.


  15. I never use H3 tags. Thank you so much for posting this! Opened my eyes.