Testimonials on Your Real Estate Blog

Do you have testimonials on your real estate blog?   I know people like reading testimonials.   I personally like a good roast better, but that’s just me.   The question is how do you handle testimonials on your blog and not come off as egotistical.   It you have never thought of that, then you have bigger issues.

If you do post a testimonial it can look very much like you are tooting your own horn.

You risk becoming the group member honored for their humility with a Humility pin. Then have the group take away the award because you wore it.

How then do we get testimonials on our blogs and not come across as egotistical.

How to Handle Testimonials

  • First get and install the Post Plugin Library.
  • Next get and install the Random Posts Plugin.
  • Activate the Post Library Plugin first then the Random Posts Plugin
  • Create a Category for Testimonials
  • Under Setting for Random Posts set the number of testimonials you want to randomly display a link to (5 is a good number)
  • While still in settings select the “Filter” option.   Check include the Testimonials category.
  • Go to Design, Widgets and add the Random Post Widget
  • Position the widget where you want it on the page and Title it “Testimonials” (or something to that effect).

Options for Entering Testimonials

I personally don’t like testimonials showing up in my posts.   My suggestion; enter the testimonials and when you publish them do so with the date of the testimonial.   If it was written three months ago, then date it for that date.   This will publish the post, it will appear in your category and on the widget, but will be far enough back in our post stream it won’t show up on the front page of your blog.   And they won’t appear all grouped together by “salting” the dates throughout your blog.

If you get a new testimonial I would publish it with a date the goes beyond the posts that appear on your homepage.   Some of display 5 posts other 10, others even 50.   I display 5 post and would date any new testimonial to be back at least to the sixth post. Hint: Don’t title the testimonials “Testimonial One” “Testimonial 2” etc.   Don’t title them “Why Jan and Doug Think I’m the Best”.   Get the idea.

Random Posts Plugin

There are lots of ways you can use this plugin, and it is very configurable.   The help and instruction from the setup page is filled with variations on how to implement this plugin on your blog.

I looked at several different options for handling testimonials.   This was the one I liked best.   A quick search on WordPress Testimonial Plugins will reveal a few other options.


  1. Thanks Dave. I do not have any testimonials on my blog, but have been thinking about adding a few.

  2. Great idea…although having testimonials on EriconSearch is kind of foreign to me, I am sure it will help.
    The randon posts plugin can also be used for tons of applications where a random post is needed. (Post about featured active listings, etc)
    Also could be good for joke of the day, quote of the day type of stuff as well.

  3. Eric,

    I find plugins are like walking into a hardware store, you can find all kinds of uses for them besides their original design.

    Hum, Are plugins stem cells to a blog?

  4. They are either stem cells or moles… (hehe)

    stem cells if they do what you want when you click “activate”.

    moles if they don’t…you just want ’em removed. (grin)

  5. Dave,
    I like the idea and wrestled with adding testimonials as posts. I didn’t want them in the normal flow of material, even if backdated off the front page.
    I edited the function page in my theme and created 3 new sidebars. Then I can put sidebar 4, 5, or 6 on any page or any location and I can add, edit, change, delete the text widgets as I like.
    I appreciate you sharing your experiences here. Great job.

  6. No testimonials on my new blog yet. Actually waiting on my good friend Ryan Ward to finish up a skin for it.

  7. Thanks Dave – I had no idea these plugins existed…I’m not sure we’ll use them for testimonials but I’ve wanted to post content on our blog quite often and didn’t because I didn’t want it showing up on the homepage…time sensitive or whatever.

  8. I have testimonials and I always get awkward with myself when I look at them. I think the same thing that it makes you look egotistical. Good idea with the plug-in though. .thanks

  9. James Wheelock says


    Come on don’t you want the testimonials on the first place flashing like on Craig Proctors websites.


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