WordPress Versions or GoDaddy Hosting

I just opened the Lab to the Dashboard.   It took 30 seconds to get to the Dashboard.   Then I clicked on Write New Post, it took 20 seconds to open the editor.   If I click "Save" it takes from 20 to 40 seconds to save.   All the while the message Continue Reading

The Lab Rat Report Continued

On Monday I wrote about the Hosting Day from Hell that took almost 12 hours to get everything back up and running. I was going to have this post live yesterday, but something call "Life" intervened and I was in the real world for most of the day. Continue Reading

WordPress 2.6 a Bear at Image Handling

Taming the Wordpress Image Bear with Captions There are a couple of major changes in CSS styles that will need to be incorporated into your blog if you are going to use the new caption class and the image class for your blog posts. This is due to Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Hosting

This will probably be the most boring post in the series.   I'll be covering:  For the purpose of these post we are going to use the address 123 MyStreetDisclaimer: The only association I have with GoDaddy.com is as a customer.I'm using Continue Reading