Captions in Sidebar Widgets

WP Captions in Text Widgets Have you ever tried to use a captioned image in a text widget? You get something like this:That's not what you expected is it; and your not alone.There is the hard solution and the easy solution.  Let's go Continue Reading

Captions – Alt Tags and The All Seeing Eye

The all seeing eye of Google is looking at keyword stuffing in your alt tags.   Alt tags are for the purpose of describing the image in words. The Alt tag is what a reader will say for a sight impaired person who can't see your images. The Alt tag Continue Reading

WordPress Captions Nuisance or Opportunity

One of the first things I noticed about WP 2.6 was the inclusion of captions for photos. I hated them. Well, I didn't hate them. I hated having to deal with the CSS to get them to work. I also didn't like the javascript window which opened (very Continue Reading