Shadowbox Replaces Lightbox for WordPress 2.7

Lightbox plugins not compatible with 2.7 The conflict of plugins saga continues. Lightbox was the issue with the plugins commentluv and twitterid not functioning for comments.   It was entirely my fault.   I have so many plugins functioning and Continue Reading

QuickPress for Quick Ideas

I don't know if any of you are using the QuickPress on the admin page of your Wordpress 2.7 blog. I'm using it all the time, but not to write quick posts.Instead I'm using it as my brain storming editor. When an idea pops into my head I don't Continue Reading

Getting Ready for WordPress 2.7

In the beginning, No not the one in Genesis, the beginning of the Lab.   The Lab was the rat.   It was where I tried everything out first, including new release versions of WordPress and all new plugins.   It was the Lab.   It was/is my hobby blog.   Continue Reading