Using Twitter for Fresh Relevant Content

What's in a Title I wrote a post a few weeks back about the KB Advanced RSS Widget.   (Yawn) It got almost no attention at all.This is too good to let it pass.   If I were speaking at a blogging conference this would be one of the tools I would Continue Reading

Tinyurl For Your Posts Make Them Easy To Tweet

Twitter micro blogging is here to stay. Tinyurl's have become a part of the fabric of communicating with Twitter. Therefore, the easier we can make it for our readers to tweet our post the better.I use TweetDeck at home and it is easy to Continue Reading

KB Advanced RSS Plugin

Last month I wrote about   RSS Widgets under utilized.   One of the suggestions I had for quick, fresh content which could be updated daily was to create an RSS Feed using Twitter Hashtags.   The only thing I didn't like about the idea was the Continue Reading

The RSS Wigdet Under Utilized

Widgets were built into the basic structure of Wordpress about a bazzilion versions ago.   One of those widgets native to Wordpress is the RSS Widget.   It is a very powerful tool for WordPress bloggers but I don't see it being used very often.We Continue Reading

Disqus your Comments

Back story of a dial up geek I consider myself to be what I refer to as a "dial-up geek". Meaning, I'm not a broadband geek that gets everything very fast. This is especially true when it comes to life in the technology fast lane.For example, I Continue Reading