The Combining of Two Blogs 55 Days Later

I took two of my blogs and merged them into one.   Tucson Real Estate In the News merged with Tucson Real Estate to form a single entity.   The story of the process is documented in Combining Two Blogs in to One A Geeks Holiday Weekend.I'm not Continue Reading

Hosting Your Images on Flickr

On September 12th I wrote about "Hosting Your Own Image Files", which by the way already has a PR 2 ranking for those following such things : )   In that post I asked about what others were doing for hosting their images.   Self-hosting or using Continue Reading

Hosting Your Own Image Files

Is the Weight worth the Freight I wrote in July 2007 about "Photos an Overlooked Part of Your Real Estate Blog Traffic" In short when you host your own photos and reference them in posts the photos and the URL to those photos get indexed by the Continue Reading

Combining Two blogs into One A Geeks Holiday Weekend

Holiday weekends are tough on Geeks. We are supposed to be doing things outside, with family, going to community or family outings and cookouts. When all we really want to do is that geeky project we have been putting off and now we have the time Continue Reading

I’m calling about your ad in the paper

On weekends when we are planning on holding an open house, yeah, we still hold them live as well as virtual on the net.Anyway, as I was saying, on those weekends we will often run an ad in the paper complete with a photo of the property and Continue Reading

Open House Out House

(We interrupt our series on time shifting open houses to bring you this mundane message about a live open house  held today.)  Today we  were on the way back home from holding another great open house.We had one visitor during the three Continue Reading