WP Clickcha for those of us Captcha Challenged

Hi My Name is Dave and I'm Captcha Challenged.I hate most Captcha applications.   Sometimes I don't even bother leaving a comments when I see the captcha.   I always check that first before I even start writing a comment.The other day I was Continue Reading

Don’t get thrown in the Spam Filter Either

Blog Lab NuggetJust a quick post today as a follow-up to You Don't want to get caught in the spam filter.   This is the one that will get you thrown in the spam bucket faster than any of the others mentioned. Commenting about a plugin etc. when Continue Reading

You Don’t Want to get Caught in a Spam Filter

One of the things that comes with having a blog with a presence on the net is spam. I'm not talking about a little spam now and then, I'm talking about hundreds or thousands of them a day.In the beginning I didn't realize the impact on a person Continue Reading