Single Property Site – Sidebar Widget

The Sidebar Widget  is essential  for quicklysetting up my property sites.   This means that I usually pick themes that are already widgetized.  Once you activate the plugin go to the presentation tab.   There you will see the Sidebar Widget Continue Reading

Single Property Site – Plugins

Plugins really make setting up a single property site much easier.   One Plugin I use heavily is the Sidebar Widget plugin, when you chose a theme you want to make sure it is "Widget ready" or "widgetized"   if not you will need to know how to go in Continue Reading

Single Property Site – Categories

There are two types of categoriesCategories for organizing your posts Categories for organizing your blogroll (links)Wordpress 2.1 changed the way it handles categories behind the scenes and now allows you to create them on the fly. For Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Setting up WordPress

Setting up the wp-configure.php file Before you can install Wordpress you have to have a valid MYSQL database setup and you have to create the wp-configure.php file.Here is the current place to go to get The latest version of Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – What’s in a Name

Domain, sub-domain, folder, that is the question whether it is better to suffer the slings and arrows . . .One of the first things you will want to decide is how to handle your domain name for the property site.   Your decision might have to be Continue Reading