Writing Interesting and Targeted Excerpts

Starting a Post with an Image If you start a post with an image even if it is just a small image to the side of the text the image code will be the first words of your post. To see this when composing your post click on the HTML tab and see the Continue Reading

Supreme Ruler Feasting & PR

Need I write or even say the Ruler associated with PR. No not the Price is Right. Some would think it Pretty Risky, or Purposely Ridiculous. It was waited for two month longer than some thought it due.But once it arrived many hoped it would Continue Reading

Check Your Permalinks with WordPress 2.1

UPDATE     Here is a great plugin for changing your Permalink structure.   It creates 301 redirects when you change the permalinks.      I've noticed lately that Google was showing a lot of missing URL and  URL's not found and HTTP errors.I Continue Reading

Consolidating URL and A Little Help from Friends

  The trials and travails of this little experiment have take their toll on sleep and other things in life the past couple of days.   But in barely two month of existence.   Lots of help from 2000 bloggers project and others linking here we broke Continue Reading

Permalinks SEO and Keywords in the URL

I have read that it is a good idea to have your keywords in the url.   For a long time I didn't know what that meant. Ok, so I'm old and not as quick to pick-up on somethings, but once I get it, I don't let go of it easily.   Sometimes it is hard to Continue Reading