Google PageRank Update It was nice while it lasted

Real Estate Blog Lab loses PR5 to PR4 Many Well Known Blogs Loose PR in this UpdateIt was April 28, 2008 when I last reported a PR update.   That was when we gained our first PR5 ranking.   It felt wonderful having that first PR5 and is hard Continue Reading

Is your Blog a Serial Novel a Reference Book or Both

Do you have a philosophy for your blog? Have you ever thought about it. Are you trying to tell a story about your community? Are you drawing a word picture of life in your community?The Lab is more oriented to be topic driven. RE Bloggers, Continue Reading

RE Photographers Get The Digital Photography Book

I recently wrote about the Importance of Tagging your photos in a blog post in "Photos and overlooked part of your blog traffic."Now I want to talk about taking better digital photos and introduce you to a great book "The Digital Photography Continue Reading