A Tucson Realtors Journey in Web Presence

Things have been very busy here at the lab over the last month.   I know the number of posts don't reflect that, unfortunately some experiments and setting them up takes  time to perk and have some results worth sharing.   There are a number of those Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Pages and Posts

"Remember that every agent's livelihood and ultimate goal is to have as many signs in the ground and as much advertising as possible. The signs and advertising bring more listing leads and buyer leads, which puts more money in the agent's pocket."   Continue Reading

Single Property Site – Categories

There are two types of categoriesCategories for organizing your posts Categories for organizing your blogroll (links)Wordpress 2.1 changed the way it handles categories behind the scenes and now allows you to create them on the fly. For Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – What’s in a Name

Domain, sub-domain, folder, that is the question whether it is better to suffer the slings and arrows . . .One of the first things you will want to decide is how to handle your domain name for the property site.   Your decision might have to be Continue Reading

Your URL-Technorati Rank and Google PageRank

When I first set up the lab one of the first experiments was to see the effect of having more than one URL pointing to the same place.I know for someone just beginning to figure out their web site/blog they might not know the difference.In Continue Reading

Describe That House

I know that many of you have to write descriptions for listings.   Sometimes for  flyers or print media ads.    The Lab provides you with this list of  46 descriptive terms from which to choose so you can get back to the important aspect of Real Continue Reading