Getting a Gravatar

Personal branding is part of social media. Having an avatar for your comments used to be getting on MyBlogLog and hoping someone had it installed on their blog.Gravatar support is now (and has been) built right into WP and most themes. Getting Continue Reading

Tracking Tracking Tracking How much is too much

A couple of Observation about Tracking Traffic How many different traffic tracking systems does one blog need?   It seems like everyone wants to track my traffic and report on it.Feedburner MyBlogLog Google Continue Reading

MyBlogLog Widget Code Produces W3C Errors

Sellsius introduced me and many others in our community to MyBlogLog.   I fell in love with this widget and I know many others have as well.   It is a lot of fun to see who has been reading, or at least visiting your blog. MyBlogLog has really taken Continue Reading