StatPress The 500 Pound Gorilla In My Database

You really can have too much of a good thing. Too much water and you drown. Too much chocolate and . . . (there is such a thing as too much chocolate?)Even a lover of statistics can be overwhelmed.Google Continue Reading

Take a little Bounce out of your Bounce Rate

We all have high bounce rates. Even the people that say they don't do. It is inevitable. We can't control how or when the search engines will place us high on a page for a search. It might not be relevant to the search at all. Write Relevant Continue Reading

Hittail Search Hits

I don't know how many RE Bloggers are using Hittail. I hope it is alot. I know some of you think you can track your traffic through your RSS reader results or your feedburner reader numbers. To me that is like asking the magic 8 ball if your Continue Reading

Hittail, A Peek Behind The Curtain

I actually was using Hittail for quite some time before Mary at RSS Pieces mentioned it in her Top 10 Best SEO Web Tools.   There are a lot of good tools mentioned on that post.   I have used some of them and I've bookmarked that post and go back to Continue Reading