Google and The Buzz, The Rumor, The Gossip about Speed

Once upon a time it was "Meta Tags" Tag it and rank. This became passe and "old school" PageRank was the new king of SEO and ranking. The capital of commerce was "What's your PR?" If you had PR you could trade, wheel and deal. Now there is a Continue Reading

Blogroll Page vs Blogroll Sidebar

There was what I consider to be some bad SEO advise being given out in the RE Blogosphere a little over a year ago.   It had to do with the idea of being penalized for having a blogroll in your sidebar.   The advise was to create a blogroll page and Continue Reading

Google Sitemap Generator Issues

A couple of month ago I upgraded the lab to WP 2.6.   You will remember I wasn't to happy with what was going on at the time.   I'm still finding some issues but for the most part have learned to live with it.I've also upgraded three other blogs Continue Reading

Check Your Google Webmaster Tools Often

We get busy. It happens. I know because it happens to me. I have a routine I usually go through at the start and the end of the day. It varies little, making sure everything is up and running for the hours I'm shut down.Sometimes though a Continue Reading

Google Content Analysis Tool

Are Meta Tags Resurgent? I was in my Google Webmaster Tools yesterday clicking around as the PR update continues to make its way from data center to data center. I've often found a correlation between PR updates and "New Google Toys" to play with Continue Reading

Google Sitemap Stats

Google went away from the supplemental indexing or at least from reporting the supplemental results. Which left some of us wondering what might be going on. Personally I like having everything in the index or at least most pages and post are doing Continue Reading