Google Wave Surfs Out

Had a message at the bottom of my browser that my Wave notifier had   "Cookies Blocked" Caught my interest (and eye, red does that).   I clicked on it and got the screen below.Is anyone using Google Wave anymore?Has Buzz taken the Continue Reading

New Google Wave Test

This Wave is Google Preview.   Want added to join the fun leave a comment.   I also have a few invites I can hand out if anyone need/wants one.[wave id="hGIdFKNVC" bgcolor="#666666" color="#000000" width="600px" height="2000px"] Continue Reading

There are TWO Google Waves ?

It was a few days before REBarCampSD (Which was fantastic btw) that I finally found out there are two types of Google Wave Accounts. Now I understand why the Waves I've been testing are getting ZERO activity. Google Wave and Google Wave Continue Reading

Google Wave Test

UPDATE:   I now have a "regular" Google wave account.   However, I can't get any of the embedded waves to show up in a post.   Wavr plugin has gone through a few revisions and most of the wave plugins are designed for the sandbox accounts. So till I Continue Reading