More Power Mr. Scott I need More Power

Thanks for letting me return to my youth and enjoy that momentary trek back in time.Yesterday I wrote about Wordpress Version or GoDaddy Hosting. I love how quickly Google indexes some things and already today had a response by comment from Continue Reading

WordPress Versions or GoDaddy Hosting

I just opened the Lab to the Dashboard.   It took 30 seconds to get to the Dashboard.   Then I clicked on Write New Post, it took 20 seconds to open the editor.   If I click "Save" it takes from 20 to 40 seconds to save.   All the while the message Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Hosting

This will probably be the most boring post in the series.   I'll be covering:  For the purpose of these post we are going to use the address 123 MyStreetDisclaimer: The only association I have with is as a customer.I'm using Continue Reading