Hosting Your Images on Flickr

On September 12th I wrote about "Hosting Your Own Image Files", which by the way already has a PR 2 ranking for those following such things : )   In that post I asked about what others were doing for hosting their images.   Self-hosting or using Continue Reading

Hosting Your Own Image Files

Is the Weight worth the Freight I wrote in July 2007 about "Photos an Overlooked Part of Your Real Estate Blog Traffic" In short when you host your own photos and reference them in posts the photos and the URL to those photos get indexed by the Continue Reading

The Big Pictures and Indexed Too

The last post here at the Lab talked about using flickr slide shows to add a collection of large images to a blog post without taking up additional bandwidth or storage space on your hosting account.But when you do this, because you aren't Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing with Images

If you don't take picture and aren't interested in Photography keep reading. The principle I'm going to talk about has a wider application than just photography. However, if you have or want to start a Hyper Local Real Estate Blog I would recommend Continue Reading