Google Search Results Firefox and Internet Explorer

Be a Lab Rat conduct an Experiment, (No Lab Rats will be harmed in the process) I need the help of some Lab Rats (I use that term endearingly) who use both FF and IE.Here is the Lab exercise I'm getting different search results from Google Continue Reading

PicLens One Sweet Add on for Your Browser

PicLens is hard to describe until you try it and once you do you will never look at images the same way again. You can't use it to view all images (YET) but we can only hope. It works with IE 6+ Firefox (Windows and Mac) or Safari Continue Reading

When Your Blog Doesn’t Look Right

Build it and they will come, but will they  stay or come back?  In the past couple of days I've run across several blogs that aren't displaying well in Internet Explorer (IE).   I'm still using version 6 since our local Tucson MLS isn't Continue Reading